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I ran the first ever Sassterclass in March 2014 in Birmingham.


There were a great bunch of people there and we worked HARD! But we also played hard!!!


The 2nd Sassterclass took place in a gorgeous converted barn in the idyllic Cotswold countryside close to Tetbury.  Again the key theme was work hard, play hard.


The 3rd Sassterclass took place in an amazing commune on the edge of Oxfordshire.  We ate with the residents and enjoyed the community feel.


With us all staying together it really added to the feel of the workshop, a community of slightly nutty photographers


After two full on days of learning we finished up with a kick ass styled shoot.


Here’s some feedback from some of the Sassterclass Survivors from our Sept/October 2014 workshop and photo’s of course!!









Paul Grace Photography

“I had attended other wedding photography workshops previously but they’d all left me feeling a little confused – almost like I was being told to shoot in a particular way/style because that was what was expected of wedding photographers or was the current trend. On the Sassterclass however Sassy rips up the rule book and gives you valuable advice on how to trust your instincts and “shoot outside the box”.


On the course we learned so much like how to attract the right sort of clients, how to get creative with (those dreaded) group shots, clever ideas for shooting in low light and we also met some of Sassy’s previous couples to see what was important to them when choosing a wedding photographer. We also got to photograph these couples on the second day which was great as this gave us the opportunity to experiment with what we had learned so far on the course.


On the third day we had one-to-one sessions with Sassy during which she gave us valuable feedback and tips on how to take our businesses to the next level. I’ve already implemented some of these tips and have seen a sharp increase in enquiries generated from my site – all thanks to the changes made.


One of my favourite parts of the course was the awesome styled shoot we did at the end of the third day (although the party on the second night was pretty fab too!). Based on the Corpse Bride, the set for the shoot included real life birds of prey, spooky skulls and halloween pumpkins. The attention to detail was simply mind-blowing.


Sassy was totally open and honest about how she runs her business throughout the course and answered every question we put to her. She’s passionate, professional and very down to earth.


We all got on really well on the course and have kept in touch since. The setting was also stunning – what’s not to love about a barn in the Cotswolds?!? And as for the gorgeous food and hospitality – let’s just say I put on a few pounds while I was there!


I was on a real high at the end of the course and felt totally inspired! I honestly can’t recommend the Sassterclass enough – Sassy is an amazing person and she genuinely wants to see us succeed. Previously I was a go-with-the-flow wedding photographer but I now have the confidence to express the world the way I see it and to get the clients I want!”


Ambre, Zephr et Luna

“Thank you thank you THANK YOU for everything you’ve done for us these 3 days.
I was really scared I would not be integrated in the group, that I would feel awkward and left aside, like I always do. Like you said, I’m very quiet, and it can bother some people.


But I was actually part of *something*. Something big, something fun, something epic, something totally crazy and fun. I learned so many things during this workshop, it totally exceeded my expectations. I really did not want to leave.


Everything was perfect: the people, the shoots, the themes, the inspiration shoot (I mean, wow…), the place, and you…you were so amazing words are not enough to describe it.


You’re so kind, and your eyes are full of love, passion and laughter. You’re a great person and this is why Sassterclass was such a wonderful experience. I learned way more than just photography.


We were a group of passionate people, and that was also the first time for me. It was really one of the best experiences of my life.


I really hope I’ll have a chance to meet you again because you’re really a great person. Please don’t change anything 🙂

Sassterclass ROCKS!!!!”


Tracey Christina Photography

“Where do I start with writing a testimonial for your Sassterclass?!  I am literally still on a total high from it!  I feel like a helium balloon floating in the sky, lol!


Anyhooooo, here goes!


I had been told about the Sassterclass by two of my friends that were on the first ever one and their excitement and feedback were enough to convince me that it was the course for me.


Before doing the course I was in a bit of a cloudy area in my head about where I was going with my business and weddings so I was pinning lots of expectations on the outcome and I wasn’t disappointed!


I knew that it was taking place at location in the Cotswolds but I wasn’t prepared for the amazing pad that we rocked up to!  It was AMAZING!  I felt like a rock star in my country pad, haha!  To combine the course with such a lovely place to stay made it feel like I wasn’t actually on a course but on a mini holiday – bonus!  The course itself was very relaxed and laid back.  We weren’t forced to be up at the crack of dawn, there wasn’t a whole heap of writing to do (unless you are a super duper note taker – which I am not!) and there was a mountainous supply of Monster Munch -what more could you ask for?!


Sassy was very open and honest about how she got to where she is now with her business and it was a real eye opener and lightbulb moment for me listening to her.  It was almost like I knew all of these things but that there was a door that kept the thoughts shut and Sassy came along with a pick axe and smashed that door right open 🙂


Having real life couples from weddings that Sassy had photographed was brilliant as it gave us an insight into the clients point of view about how they went about looking for a photographer and their overall experience.  We also had the opportunity to photograph the couples and to say I was nervous was an understatement!  However I had some fantastic feedback from the couples which really boosted my confidence.


The website critique was the kick up the butt that has long been needed for me!  It was very constructive and helpful and also great to hear what ‘non photographers’ thought of the site.  It left me itching to get home and start making the changes!


As if the whole experience couldn’t get better Sassy and her amazing team finished the course off with THE.MOST.AMAZING.STYLED.SHOOT.EVER!!  It was all kept a secret until the moment it was ready to be revealed!  I wish we had a video of all of our reactions to the scene that was laid out in front of us!  I think my mouth was so wide open in awe that it almost sucked up of the pumpkins from the set!


Overall I simply cannot thank Sassy enough for the experience.  I feel I have come away with a breath of fresh air and a new bundle of energy to re-invest into my business. Not only that I have come away having made new friends and have managed to dust away some of my fears and quieten their monotonous little voices!  Oh and I also popped my Jager Bomb Cherry!!


If you can only afford to do one course then this is the best value for money there is out there!  I had 3 awesome days full of fun, fab business insights, great photography sessions and heaps and heaps of laughter!  Just do it!  I would do it all again in a heart beat!”



Clare Tam-Im Photography

“I remember seeing Sassy announce the first Sassterclass in Birmingham at the beginning of the year. I wanted to go but wasn’t able to, and in a way I’m glad I didn’t, as attending the second one was better timing for me. I’m in a place where I need to move things along, and so I knew Sassterclass would help me.


But I don’t think I quite realised just how much Sassterclass would help me. Having walked into our little cottage in the Cotswolds, not having met anyone before but recognising a few names via Facebook, I left feeling like I had been on holiday with friends. It was such a friendly, supportive community that grew out of it and that was all thanks to Sassy. Being a girl that’s quite socially awkward, that feels quite intimidated within a group of people I had never met before, I close down and observe. But I soon felt comfortable and at home amongst the group.


The few days were jammed pack with fun, teaching, learning, shooting, brownies, and moments of clarity. Sassy was so open and honest with the way she works and about her business. There was no fear from her that if she shares her experience with us, that she will end up losing out in some way. She genuinely cared about each of us there and how she could help us, whether it was from asking two of her couples to come speak to us and let us photograph them, or giving us honest feedback about our websites, our shop windows, or arranging the most amazing styled shoot for us to photograph, or tips that we could use to help push ourselves with our photography and creativity.


It woke me up. It showed me I don’t have to work in a certain way because it seemed to be the correct way to do wedding photography. As Sassy talked, so many times things just seemed to click or seemed so obvious I wondered why I had never thought of it before. It was just such an eye opener.


So much effort went into doing so much for us. Ensuring we were all fed and happy. Having two real couples whose weddings Sassy had shot and hearing about how they found her, why they chose her, and then having the opportunity to photograph them ourselves. And then seeing the absolute amazing work that went into the styled shoot that was kept a secret from us til we walked up to it. The models looked incredible, the hair, the makeup, the outfits, the accessories. And the styling was gorgeous, so creative and impressive. What more could you ask for?


I came away feeling motivated, energised, excited, and most of all passionate about what I do. I can’t thank Sassy enough, not just for those few days, but for how I now think and view things.


This is turning into a bit of an essay now, but the last thing I’ll say is this: Sassterclass is awesome. Sassy is awesome. You’ll go to an awesome place where you’ll be amongst awesome people, learning awesome things, shooting awesome couples, and you’ll come away feeling awesome. I cannot recommend Sassterclass enough to you!”


Sharon Cooper Photography

“What is NOT to love about Sassy? When she announced her second Sassterclass, a little voice in my head said “book a place” that voice got louder and louder until I knew that it had to be done.


Having met Sassy and shot with her too, I love her approach and organisation and I was ready for fun and awesomeness. And there was plenty of both!


Here’s my testimonial


I didn’t need convincing, Sassy is one of the loveliest, honest, creative and humble people in the business.


I’ve done loads of training and workshops and before doing this course I had a think about why I was attending

1) Sassy is awesome

2) I knew it would be fun and a chance to learn more

3) Selfishly, I wanted a treat for myself, with business thrown in


I’ve had a brilliant year, learnt lots about myself and my business and had some truly amazing couples – I was hoping to find ways to make more of that happen.


There were nine of us (perfect number for this event) who rocked up at a delightful rural farm area in the Cotswolds. “Treat this place like your home”, Sassy had said at the super personal greeting. And we did, I felt relaxed, refreshed and the top thing was Sassy knew us all, our work, and our approach.


She was *genuinely* interested in where we were at and knew our strengths. Talks about business, insightful sessions, meals and tea breaks, night shoots – everything was fun and honest. The food was amazing and I have to say what a wonder Craig was too, who totally looked after us all, always happy, nothing phased him and he was a big bonus part of the adventure.


I loved hearing about Sassy’s amazing approach to business, and relished the personal guidance she gave us. I’m not going to spoil it for those of you who are lucky enough to go on her next one, by telling you all the amazing things she did for each and every one of us. Those things were surprising for me, and I’m sure specific detail will be fresh and vary next time!


We met two of Sassy’s couples, it gave us an insight into the clients’ point of view and about how they looked for a photographer.  I recognised both couples and classed them as beautiful, kickass *superstars* from images I had seen on Sassy’s facebook and wedding blogs. These couples were just normal people, not models who had learnt to look cool, they were lovely, real people, who just like our own couples had those nerves and concerns about how they would look.


The final day, was the much awaited AMAZING STYLED SHOOT! Sassy and her awesome team pulled this off big time, each individual was a lovely talented creative, who we had already met and felt connected to.  We all left with smiles on our faces, a determined business attitude and a belly full of the best chocolate brownies in the world.


So if you want 3 awesome, honest days full of fun, creativity, ace appropriate business insights, and mixing with a small group of other talented photographers. Just do it!”


Here’s the first ever Sassterclass!!








This is how it went down;

11 attendees
6 models
2 sets of ‘real’ Assassynation couples for grilling and shooting
1 crazy, non-wedding set…..complete with chainsaw and custom grafitti
2 late nights
1 party night (with some classic antics!)

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Oh and check out the little vid from Frank Millar – look right!!



Don’t just take my word for it…

Here’s a little bit of love from the attendees…..


sassterclass copy

Vikki Tyrrell Photography

“As a self-taught photographer, I’m always on the lookout for amazing workshops to help me learn and grow. I love Sassy’s work and when I saw she was running a workshop I just had to go! The content sounded amazing, and I knew it was going to be good, but I can honestly say it blew my mind and totally surpassed my expectations!


Sassy was SO lovely and welcoming, and made me feel instantly at ease. She was so open and honest with us about her experiences and so forth coming with loads of really helpful advice and insights in how to get the best out of your business and make it a success.


Sassy had arranged not one, but TWO of her amazing couples to model for us! The couples started by telling us about their experiences and what they were looking for in a photographer when they booked their wedding. Then we hit the streets of Birmingham with both couples for a portrait session where we each got a chance to work individually with the couples. Sassy was brilliant during this time in showing us how she interacts with her couples, how she poses, and I learnt so so much from her in a really short time.


Later in the day we also had the opportunity to do some low light photography with the couples and we learnt about how to look for and use the light available to us, and how to use other self-powered light sources. This was totally invaluable advice and I can’t wait to experiment more with low-light photography!


The next day Sassy and her team had set up the most amazing styled shoot for us!! Totally off the wall, and an absolutely amazing experience for me!! The amount of thought and effort that had been put into setting up the styled shoot was mind blowing, and an amazing opportunity to be bold and try new things!! Each of us got our own time to work with the two amazing models on the set and I have come away with some awesome images that I’m totally chuffed with!


Finally the day finished up with a one to one with Sassy where she gave me feedback about my website. She was so encouraging and constructive with her advice, and gave me loads and loads to think about! And I was able to ask her anything and she was open and honest with her replies.


I can’t thank Sassy enough for this two day workshop experience. I can honestly say it’s the best (and coolest!!) workshop I have ever attended and worth every single penny!! The things I learned and the feedback I was given is going to help me so much to bring my business to where I want it to be, and help me grow as a photographer.


HUGE thanks to Sassy, and the fabulous models and set stylists/costume designers for putting in a huge effort to make the workshop such an amazing experience! And also a massive thank you to the other participants that also made it such an epic experience! I came away with a totally different outlook, a renewed determination, and some fabulous new friends!”

Denise Noone, Ruby Loves Photography

“Sassy you go to No 1 in the workshop charts! The whole experience was exceptional. I love the way in which you put the emphasis on us, you shared with us generously how you work but had no desire for us to simply copy. You gave us so much to work with during our two days and the effort you put in to our one to ones was above & beyond and best of all, constructive. I for one, feel well and truly nurtured.”




Craig Dearsley Photography

“Sassy, thank you so much for letting me get a peek into that genius brain of yours!


I can honestly say I had the best time at the first ever sassterclass, it was just perfect being surrounded by such a great group of talented people. At first I was a little bit anxious because I am conscious that I’m not the most experienced photographer, but that soon went to the back of my mind when I met the other guys. There was no arrogance or competition, this was all about sharing and working together, a proper ‘workshop’. It felt like I spent a couple of days with friends playing about with cameras rather than sitting in a room being told what’s right and wrong.


I was really worried about the low light shoot because I’m so used to using natural light and only using a flash if I really have to, but now I’m quite excited about the idea of using light.


I feel refreshed and excited for the future. My brain has been going crazy with ideas since I walked out of that place.


Awesome, just awesome!”


Kerry Diamond Photography

“Well what can I say about Sassterclass… it was AMAZING!!


Every year I like to do at least one photography workshop, when I saw that Sassy was running one I jumped at the chance as I’ve always loved her work & wanted to meet this awesome lady!!


As soon as we walked in Sassy made you feel at home, with the introductions including our favourite songs the atmosphere was just relaxed & fun from the off. I felt like I could say anything and ask anything without any judgment & I’d get an open & honest reply back.


Having not one but two of Sassy’s past bride & grooms there to shoot and question was just fab. They were both really lovely couples but also completely different so to hear their two different thought processes in finding a photographer & then watching the different ways in which Sassy shot each couple was just invaluable.


The night shoot we did was also bloody amazing, I never even think of taking my couples out after sunset which has always made winter weddings quite time limited. This has completely opened my eyes to a new way of shooting & I’m really excited to try it out!
So that was the first day & I felt like my brain was just full of new information! I actually couldn’t believe that we had another full day to go!


Sassy & her team had come up with the most amazing ideas for the Styled Shoot the next day, it was epic! We each got our own time in pairs to shoot with no pressure whatsoever & it was just a really fun & fantastic experience.


Then we had our one to ones. Not one but five people had been on our sites & reviewed them, arrgghh scary!!! When do you ever get that opportunity though!?! Fantastic! They were blunt but fair & it’s really helped me with some changes that really needed to be made. Plus it’s given me a kick up the ass to sort things out that I probably would have left until next winter!


Thanks to everyone involved & especially Sassy, this was an absolutely amazing two days & I’m so glad I got the opportunity to attend to workshop.


I want to do it again!!!!”