Burning Questions

Sooo you’ve probably got some burning questions, most people do. I thought it might help to pop a few down here…..of course if you have any others please don’t hesitate to contact me. I am really rather friendly, I won’t bite and I promise not to bombard you with unwanted marketing or sniff through your bins.


Kick Ass Couple……What Does That Mean?

To me a kick ass couple is a couple who are totally in love, excited about their big day and most importantly see it as THEIR day so do it exactly the way they want….even if it raises some eyebrows or the odd comment like “Surely you are not planning to walk down the aisle together!”

What If We Are Not Cool Enough For You??

Woah…….stop that right there!! I am the LEAST cool person you’ll ever meet. Underneath my scribbled on skin and bleach blonde hair (complete with dodgy roots) is a slightly weird, definitely over excited, ginger IT nerd who happened to have picked up a camera, took a few photos and really rather enjoyed it. So maybe it’s more a case of me not being cool enough for you……

We Hate Having Our Photos Taken/We Look Like Chandler From Friends

Ummmm yeah, me too……..but don’t worry, we’ll get through it together and we won’t even need to sit in a circle and sing Kumbahya….which is great because I have a terrible voice (nails down a chalkboard kinda stuff) and singing in public terrifies me! I like to have a relaxed approach to the couple shots, yes I will give you direction but mostly I like to read my couples and their relationship so that I can get the most from the pictures we’ll create together.

Is There Any Point Where You Don’t Shoot During The Day?

Yup…..you bet your boots there is. The only time I don’t shoot during the day (out of choice that is….I have no control over evil photo stopping officiants) is when you and your guests are eating. I mean, let’s face it, that’s just awkward and doesn’t make for an enjoyable meal or flattering photos.

My Wedding Is In Outer Mongolia……..Will You Shoot It?

Of course!! I travel literally anywhere in the world. If you are having a destination wedding don’t be shy about getting in touch for a tailored package. I have shot weddings all over the place, travelling as far as Miami and South Africa.

6 My Four Legged Friend Is Coming To The Wedding……Will You Think It’s Weird To Have Pictures With Them?

Hell no!!! Animals at weddings totally rock. I love animals and I love to photograph them. Some people joke that I have a horse obsession (4 weddings and a styled shoot featuring horses is NOT an obsession people!). Seriously though, as an animal lover I can understand how important your furry (or not so furry) little friend is, my cats are definitely family members not pets….so yeah…..let’s do some awesome pics of your little family on the big day!

You Seem A Little Crazy……….Are You Gonna Take This Seriously?

Yeah I am a little bonkers, I have a sense of fun and adventure but let me tell you…..there is nothing I take more seriously than my customers wedding days. I no longer wrestle alligators, jump out of aeroplanes, or swim with sharks (I MAY not have done all of those things) just to make sure that I can be there in one piece on the day. Nothing makes me happier than happy customers and I work super hard to deliver photos that tell the story of the day.

Do You Ever Shoot Anything Other Than Weddings?

I’m not gonna lie, I love a good wedding, that’s why I specialise in them. Don’t let that fool you though, I have also been known to do styled shoots, trash the dress shoots, couple shoots and family shoots. Mostly these other shoots happen on weekdays as my weekends are wedding packed. So if you are thinking about using me for something other than a wedding just get in touch.

Do We Need To Feed You On The Big Day?

At the moment I haven’t perfected the art of running with high energy and creativity levels AND not eating so I always really appreciate a bit of food on the day. I promise it will help you get the best out of me 🙂

What Happens After You Have Shot My Day?

Well first off I get my ass home and get everything backed up in three different places. Then I work on your photos, one by one, to get them looking lovely ready to come home to you. This process can take up to 6 weeks (especially during my busy periods). I don’t do retouching, I believe everyone is beautiful and I want to show my couples (and their guests) real beauty.

Do You Do Group Shots?

Of course!! They are important, but let’s not get carried away….trust me….more than 10 and you’ll be bored! When I am given the time and free reign to be creative I LOVE to do something different with the bridesmaid and groomsmen group shots….less standing in a line, more vogue/looking cool!

How Would You Say You Work On The Day?

Hard….very hard….but I am guessing you don’t mean that! I mostly shoot candid/reportage of the day. It’s all about the story and documenting it to look back on for all the years to come. It’s about the moment your dad danced like Elvis or your friend surprised you by singing for you. It’s about the hugs, squeeze, love and laughter. I also get a huge kick out of using my creativity on the couple shots (doing something adventurous and different with badittude) and creating group shots that people don’t realise are a group shot (because people aren’t stood in a line). When it comes to the group shots I work fast but I am calm, friendly and absolutely NOT a photo Hitler (we’ve all met those right!?). Why not check out my testimonials for a better idea of what my customers think of me. Oh and do not be surprised if I do a few happy dances during the day!

What If It Rains?

I wish my super power was being able to control the weather, just think of the fun I could have. Sadly the weather is a law unto itself and although I do do a little weather dance it doesn’t always work….especially in this country. The rain needn’t stop you getting amazing couple shots or enjoying the day. It’s totally about mind set and thinking “Stuff you rain!” I will always be game for going out in the rain, just bring wellies/flats……and maybe a brolly!!

You don’t have any black and white images in your galleries….do you do them?

How observant of you!! Yes I have no black and white images on my website anywhere. This is because I see the world in colour (don’t we all!) which mean I live your wedding in colour and that’s how I want to show it. I want to show the day for the vibrant fun that it was. I do however always provide my couples with a black and white version of every image to allow them to make the artistic choice when it comes to what to frame/put on the walls/give to grandma!!

Soooo how do we get our images and how can we share them with our friends and family?

The images will be available as a digital download from an online gallery (exactly the same as the galleries on here with the images in them). You will be given a password and a PIN number that will allow you or anyone you share the gallery with to download the high resolution images. This will be online for up to 3 months. Your guests do not need to pay me a penny to download any/all images that they would like….good eh!! If you have opted for an upgraded package you will also receive a rather lovely disc of both the colour and black and white high resolution images to treasure forever.