Love Letters

Jenny & Jason



“Dear Sassy,


Words cannot describe (but I will obvs give it a go) how incredibly beautiful the photos are of our special day. It’s like you captured the magic, love and fun energy we felt and looking over them brought all of those feelings to life again. I have the biggest smile on my face and Jason would too, if he smiled 😉 It’s amazing to see so many moments of the day that happened around us, that we couldn’t see. I love the way you captured the essence of people and moments, bringing them to life as well as what was happening at the time!


For Emma by Bon Ivor is one of my most favourite songs and I was thinking how I could get it into the wedding and you did it for me! It was amazing watching all of the photos in the film, we were late meeting friends for brunch and it was worth it! and then when we got home we watched them again!  It’s going to be really difficult to choose ones to print and put up as we love them all! Every photo is beautiful and captures such meaningful and special moments and the essence of our day.


Thank you for being the most incredible member of our wedding team! From the beginning it was an absolute dream working with you and everyone commented on how awesome you were the day of the wedding, made everyone feel at ease and such a lovely presence to have around. I LOVE the girl power shot, we were not quite sure where you were going with that one on the day and now it is my Beyonce special ‘Who Runs the World’ shot which I have up! I love it!


You’re incredibly talented and going off to take photos with you was one of my favourite moments of the day (is that weird?). You made us feel so comfortable and made every moment relaxed, natural and fun! Jason hates having his photo taken and you worked your magic and he enjoyed it too and looked pretty awesome and hot as a result 🙂


I was trying to describe how incredible the photos were to someone and then described them as pieces of art, which is how I would describe them. Seriously  Seriously BEAUTIFUL!


Thank you so so so much! I very much hope we get to see you at another friends wedding soon. If there is anything more you need from us let me know. Happy to write a testimonial or be contacted as a reference or anything else to help spread the word about how you’re the best photographer out there!


Lots of Love and magic


Jen and Jason xxx”


Emma and Simon






Firstly, the fact that our wedding was in July and I’m only writing this now is a huge failure on my part but things have been crazy since that beautiful day, so please accept my apologies.


We’ve been wanting and meaning to say thank you for a long time now and to some extent it’s really hard to put in to words how grateful we really are to you, especially knowing that you get amazing feedback all the time, such are your talents. But I’m going to try to put it into words.


We knew early on that you were the right photographer for us. Not only had we loved the photos of our friends’ wedding that you took, but on speaking to you for the first time, you were the only person in the entire wedding process who really understood what it meant for couples to spend their hard-earned money on this one big, exciting, massive day.


Your communication throughout was incredible and you made an element of our wedding that could easily have been stressful into a really relaxed and easy process, which set the tone for the rest of the planning and wedding itself.


On the day, you were everything we wanted and so much more from a wedding photographer. Yourself and your second shooter, Craig, pretty much ran the day for us, without even knowing and without our guests ever realising it. The amount of compliments we’ve had from our guests since has been incredible and all saying the same thing – that you were both absolutely lovely and they were amazed how relaxed and easygoing you both were and never pushy when trying to get the right shots. Your patience with people and empathy to those who don’t love being photographed was incredible.


For me personally, you made my beautiful wife smile from start-to-finish – I’m fairly convinced that she’d have married you if she’d had the chance! From the moment you got to the house, your calmness and out-of-the-way approach, managed to work it’s way throughout the bridal party, helping to give them the best morning ever. Essentially it felt like you were a guest at the wedding.


The photos have blown us away – you captured both sides of the wedding just as we wanted – the couple and the staged shots, and the guests, ou friends, just enjoying the day. You also allowed Emma and I to enjoy as much of the day as possible (considering it’s the quickest day in the world as it is!) by making sure you had all the shots planned out having sought out all the best vantage points ahead of time. We wanted a quirkier set of photos – rustic and natural compared to staged and too formal – and you delivered with every shot.


Whilst all the above is amazing, you really did go above and beyond with one element of the day. Emma’s grandma wasn’t well enough to go to the wedding and she’s famed for hating having her photo taken, but we wanted to go and see her. The way you dealt with her was truly breathtaking – not only was she happy getting photos done but she was chatting away to you as if you’d known her for years.


The photos with her are some of the best photos I’ve seen. Period. You couldn’t have captured a more beautiful moment in a more beautiful way. If you’d only have given us that one photo of Emma and her gran, I’d still have felt that you were undercharging us.




As you know, Emma’s grandma passed away just two weeks later and these photos have become absolutely invaluable to the entire family and still make me well-up everytime I see them. She also loved the photos too and I’m not sure there’s any higher praise than that, so I’m going to leave it there.


Thank you Sassy – we’ll never forget what you have done for us.


Simon (and Emma!) xx”


Lily and Owen



“Oh Sassy! Where do we start? Your work is immeasurable, a true gift of art.

With expert attention, your lenses and flare(s), captured our day with detail and care.

Your familiar air, like we’d known you for years, saw us let it all out, precious laughter and tears.


There’s no single way to thank you enough, for bottling up and preserving our love.

But I hope that you know in some little way, the smiles and the hugs you encourage each day

In the couples like us, at home on the couch, reliving each moment as if it were now.


So sweethearts out there, trying hard to decide, who to trust with the task when you wake up a bride,

Or a groom with your groom be it straight, gay or bi, Sassy shoots LOVE with a hell of an eye.

She’s a master, an expert, a photog sensation, she’ll aim for your heart with her assassynation.


And this doesn’t rhyme, but we HATE photos and she made us look wicked. (which is way better than a poem.)

Book her. She’s badass.


Owen and Lily  – August 2015”


Helen and Hywel



“To Sassy


We are so grateful to Matt and Lauren for finding you, because after we saw their wedding photos there was only ever going to be one photographer for us. I followed you on Facebook after their wedding and have enjoyed looking at your wedding photos ever since. No matter what type of wedding it is your photo’s are always beautiful and capture how individual each wedding is, plus how happy everyone is.


Then in January I had a reason to ask you to take photos of us! I emailed you straight away. You put up with all of my questions and we made sure we picked a date when you were available – we were so excited!


When we came to meet you at the Eclectic Wedding Extravaganza you greeted us as friends and were as excited about our plans as we were – you didn’t think I was mad to want to include my Jack Russells or Sheep! Your love of weddings and what you do shines through in every single photo and we knew we had found the perfect photographer for us!


We were so grateful for your advice over group photos and weather contingency plans – we knew if it rained (which it did! A lot!) that there was no need for it to affect our day and that you would be with us every step of the way! We were also really excited when you told us about our second shooter Katie – we were having the dream team at our wedding.


On the day of the wedding you arrived at my parent’s house in chaos – there were bridesmaids and Jack Russells everywhere (and I had only just started to get ready – whoops!). But you were amazing and somehow captured beautiful photo’s (including lots of the Jack Russells – thank you) without us even noticing.


The Photo’s: What can we say, they are more than we ever dreamed of. Most of the time we didn’t even know you were there, but the group photo’s look like they could be in a magazine – wow – we love them – you have incredible vision. And the couple shots……we never could have planned such beautiful photo’s….it was the perfect combination, the rain, the venue, and most importantly you! We looked forward to the sneak peeks because we knew every photo would be a piece of art – the colours are incredible (we are so glad you do not shoot in black and white).


Sassy you are so talented, but the reason we think you are the best is because you obviously love your job.


Thank you to you and Katie for our beautiful photos, we will treasure them always.


Love from Helen and Hywel xxx and the dogs!”


Thank you so much Helen and Hywel, the pictures would not have been what they were if you hadn’t braved the weather and trusted me. The effort that you as a couple put in is just as important as what I put in as a photographer!


Harri and Al



“Dear Sassy,


So sorry this has taken so long to get this to you.  I have no idea where the summer went!


This is just a little note to say a huge thank you for being just so damn awesome.  We always knew that your quirky style, infectious energy and dynamo eye for East London alleyways would be the perfect match for our discocircus affair and we weren’t disappointed.


We absolutely love our shots.  The first time we saw them we were both in pieces (especially the one of the best men, where Tom is squeezing Dan’s shoulder. Sob!).  You captured the day in the most magical way, thank you.





You and Emma were just dream boats to be around on the day.  And the only thing to do is just plan another awesome party to have you back again.


Sassy, you absolutely rocked our world!


Love you long time


Harri and Al



Claire and Andrew



“Hey Sassy!


So sorry for taking forever to get back to you.


Wow!!! Just wow!!! Andrew and I got the kiddies to bed and sat and looked at all the photos in total amazement. As you know, from the moment we got engaged in early 2011 I have been following your work and knew from then you were shooting our wedding (thank goodness you were free on our big day!). I knew how amazing your work was, so knew our photo’s would be out of this world. But when we actually received our beautiful box and saw all the special little details inside then looked at our pictures, they were just a million times better than we imagined.


Going through the pictures just brought every special moment back from our day and we laughed along with all the funny moments and I cried at all the emotional ones (yep, still no tears from Andrew!).


On the day (as newlyweds) you are concentrating so hard on spending time together and trying to mingle with family and friends and we hadn’t realised how much of a big part all the children had, and looking at the photos they really took over the day and were just as important as myself and Andrew were. So thank you so much for showing us that.


As you know, Andrew and myself are not one for getting our photo taken, but from the second you arrived, you and Sarah made us feel so relaxed and you were more like our friends than our photographers. I think Andrew secretly loved the camera and felt like he was being papped ;0)


We would like to say the biggest thank you ever for giving us memories that will last our lifetime!


Claire and Andrew




Elle and John



“Well, what can we say…Sassy, you were one of the first and one of the best suppliers we choose for our big day. Right from the first email I ever sent you, I knew you were going to be perfect.



So many suppliers seem to forget that it’s not just another job, each bride wants to feel like they have their full attention…Sassy you went beyond this, you truly cared and took a massive interest in all aspects of our big day for the whole year leading up to it! When I came up with new spangdangly ideas it wasn’t my husband-to-be or best friends that I ran them past…it was you as I knew you would get them and offer the best suggestions possible on how to make it happen!



On the morning of the big day I was wracked with nerves, I’m not usually a nervous person! But as soon as you arrived I seemed to calm down, your magic aura seems to just put everything in perspective and I had my full trust in you. I felt like you were one of our friends who just happened to have a camera, but a very very skilled friend who managed to capture every single emotion thrown at you! And oh my god, the first sight shot with my dad, makes us both cry every time we see it!



At the church you were restricted due to our church rules, so I only expected a few shots. But when we received all the photos, I seriously don’t know how you managed it but you captured the whole ceremony too! Looking back through them was literally like walking down the aisle all over again, seeing my husband-to-be’s face when I first joined him, the emotion on our guests faces, the laughter we shared when the inevitable “Is there anyone here present who knows any lawful reason why we cannot be joined in marriage”. You got it all! You must have been hiding in and around the pews and gargoyles as the Vicar even asked us where you were! After the ceremony the shots you got next to the alter were seriously mind blowing, the amount of people that have said how amazing that was, and did we get married in a cathedral as it was captured in such a magnificent way. I honestly can’t get over the skill you have with spotting an angle, placing us in it and then snapping away effortlessly.



At the venue, I think only you, my husband and close friends knew how much time and effort I had put into the decor. My obsession with feathers went crazy! But you managed to get amazing shots of every single minute detail. With your keen eye for detail all my creative obsessions paid off and has now been captured forever.



Then we come to the best bit…the people shots! Our main aim for our wedding was for our guests to have fun. Looking through our amazing photo compilation, which must have taken you aaaaaaaaaaaages…filled us both with tears. Every photo you took of every guest reminds us of what happened at that particular moment. I never knew a photo could be that descriptive until I saw yours. I’ve obviously seen many of your previous weddings which have been epic, but until you see your own and match the pictures with your own feelings and memories of the day, there are literally no words…it just puts you right back there in the moment on your big day.



I could go on for pages and pages, but the most important thing we want to say to you Sassy, is THANK YOU! From the bottom of our hearts and till the day we die we will treasure every single shot. Going to plaster our house in them, floor to ceiling! We are already planning our 1st anniversary shoot with you as we literally cant get enough.



Massive massive love to you and your amazing natural talent.



Elle and John Collins xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”



Vincent and Peter


“Dear Sassy,



Peter and I received your photos of our wedding on Friday. We sat down together with a bottle of bubbly to watch the amazing (and totally unexpected) video slide show you made for us.



Words cannot express how moved and delighted we were. We sat with huge smiles on our faces and tears running down our cheeks.



The photos are beautiful.



Honestly, we could not be happier with the superb job you did. What’s odd is that we don’t recall you being in the middle of it all. You, of course, but not you working… There’s no way you could know it, as you hadn’t met them before, but you captured the characters and personalities of our friends and family so naturally and accurately. We kept saying “that’s totally her!” and “that’s exactly what he’s like”. What’s more, you captured the emotions and joy Peter and I were feeling and experiencing that day.



We also liked the creative and energetic feel to the photos – they have a very modern but honest quality to them. I could go on, darling, but i’ll just jabber on if I’m not careful.








I just want to say that we are delighted, absolutely delighted with the results. It goes without saying that we would recommend you to anyone who asks. Come over for a drink sometime…



You’re a very special person who did something very beautiful for us.



Thank you.



Vincent & Peter


Claire and Chris




“Hey Sassy,


My husband (eek) and I want to say a massive thank you for all our wonderful photos. We will treasure them all forever and are so grateful that you were our awesome photographer.


I’m sorry to admit that at the beginning of the planning process I wasn’t too bothered about the photos. All the wedding photos I had seen before were all very similar, just lots of group posed shots! But after visiting wedding blogs such as Rock N Roll Bride it became apparent that having a great photographer is so important. It’s not just about having the obligatory just married photos and cutting the cake to show the grand kids (EEK!), it’s about capturing all the moments that make a wedding day so happy and perfect that you treasure forever. I soon spotted your photos on featured wedding posts and we just knew that we wanted you as our photographer. And we’re so happy that you were available!


After our initial email conversation it soon became clear that not only are you an amazing photographer and an artist, but that you are so warm, genuine, passionate and lovely.


Nearer to our day we chatted over the phone. It was lovely to hear how interested and excited you were about our wedding. I also voiced my concerns about the weather- mainly it raining. But you reassured me that everything would be fine and to not worry about it.


On the morning of the wedding I wasn’t really present on Earth! I was in a some what dream like state; stressed out by the day before, lack of sleep and very worried about my Dad as he had been ill. But as soon as you walked into my parent’s home you were like an angel! You just oozed calmness and happiness that was so infectious, all my worries and concerns just vanished in an instant. I felt pretty much all the stress, anxiety and worry leave my body. Instead I felt calm. And excited, I was about to get married!


The photos you took at my parent’s home are beautiful and Horlicks my beloved cat feels like a proper rock star now! The one of me at the top of the stairs in my dress is stunning.





Our ceremony at Whipsnade Tree Cathedral was wonderfully captured. All of the photos just look exquisite. After our ceremony, the few family and friends shots were done quickly and with ease making everyone feel so comfortable. The one with our grandparents is so lovely, they both look so proud siting next to Chris and I. We had a wonderful adventure with the groomsmen and bridesmaids finding some awesome places to have some shots. You really did not just capture all of us, but also the Tree Cathedral’s beauty.




I’m so glad you were totally up for a quick stop over on Dunstable Downs. We’ll never forget walking amongst the kites and picnickers as brand new husband and wife. The photos with the beautiful sky and kites in the background are our favourites.



All our hard work decorating the hall the day before is spectacularly shown in all its glory in your photos. It’s so lovely to look at our photos of all our guests having a lovely time, drinking tea!





You worked so hard during the day; I don’t think you and your second shooter Sarah stopped at all! From an early start to the delayed finish (we’re so sorry that our first dance was late) you just snapped and snapped away like ninjas! And thank you so much for recommending Katie from Summertown Pictures to us too; we have an awesome video as well!


Just as it dawned on me that our perfect day was over and I was starting to feel a little down, our sneaky peaks were available to view and we were blown away with just how well you captured the day!


We received our full set soon after, beautifully packaged with lots of goodies and we are just so happy with all of them. I started to well up when I saw them as it just bought back all the memories of our day. We already have a couple of our favourites on display (the kite one of course!) and cannot wait to have some more put onto canvas. Mum and Dad have the kite one up at their house too, pride of place in the hall way so it’s the first thing people see!


All of our friends have complimented your work, I don’t think they’ll ever stop saying to us about how amazing your photos are.



Sassy, you are a genius! Not only do we have some beautiful shots of Chris and I that are so “us” but you also captured our whole day beautifully.


Thank you,

Love Chris and Marney (and Horlicks) xx”


Kate and Sean


“From the moment we got engaged, I knew that the photography was one of my main priorities. After all, it is one of the things that will stay with you forever.



I had been aware of Sassy’s work for a long time (secretly snooping on Rock n Roll Bride before he even popped the question *shhhh don’t tell*) and really liked her style.

Once we set a date, I contacted Sassy straight away and booked her. Well what can I say, from the very first email I knew we had made the right decision.  She is genuinely interested in you and your wedding, right from day one and all the way through the planning process, she was a joy to deal with and frequently made me chuckle.

On the big day itself Sassy (and Jamie!) were stars from start to finish, it was like having another friend there with you. I can honestly say that the time we spent with Sassy and Jamie having our couples shots were one of the favourite parts of our day. We had a blast!! Adding to that our friends and family loved her too, my parents especially keep going on about how wonderful she was!
But the proof is in the final photos….well we were BLOWN AWAY! She captured our day so perfectly. Even to this day I love looking through them with a big smile on my face.

I really cannot recommend Sassy enough; she is warm, funny, professional and just wonderful to be around. We left her at the end of the day feeling like we had made a new friend. Finally she produced amazing photographs that will keep our memories alive for a lifetime.

Thank you so much lady, you bloody rock!!!!

Big hugs and kisses
Kate xxxxxxxx


Aimee and Lenny


“Oh Sassy! I can’t stop looking at our photos!




Literally, hours pass and all I’ve been doing is looking at them again and again and again and again.


And again.


They’re so fun! And colourful. And vibrant. And happy. And meaningful. And emotive. And well…. bloody brilliant!


I can’t say Thank you enough, I really can’t. Thankyou is just a silly little word with 8 letters and it’s just not a big enough thing for me to say that tells you how I feel or more importantly, how your photos have made me feel. You have such a gift and I’m so glad you were our little photographic ninja. I honestly cant imagine the day without you. You seize these incredible moments in time and turn them from beautiful memories to living, breathing, loving illustrations. Looking at the photos is literally like reliving the day. They’re alive with joy and love and energy and colour.


Everyone who has seen your pictures has said they’ve been the best wedding photos they’ve ever seen. Everyone! My Mum and Dad frickin love you. And ultimately I feel incredibly lucky that I found you. Hail Rock n Roll Bride magazine for showing me your advert!


You. Totally. Rock. Mrs.




And we bloody love you for being such an important part of the day. It didn’t feel as though you were “the photographer”. It felt as though you were a guest who happened to be carrying a camera. (I reckon you cried more than some of the guests too! Ha ha)


So Thankyou. Mr and Mrs Love couldn’t be any happier. And your photos are truly, truly wonderful. You clever thing you x



Jody and James


“Oh Sassy, what can I say? It has taken me a while to put into words the response to our wedding photos because they honestly left us speechless.



We spent two years planning our wedding but the first item on our to do list that was organised was choosing our photographer. All the weddings which I saw and fell in love with all had one thing in common, you and your beautiful photos. There was never any doubt who I would choose, and to be honest no one else got a look in! I knew the images you would be able to produce and we were not disappointed and the only problem we will have is choosing which ones to put on our wall.


Our families were hesitant when they found out who we had chosen but as soon as they met you they understood why. They instantly fell in love with you like I had (I think my mother-in-law told everyone she met how fantastic you were!) as you were funny, honest, supportive but not intrusive and you instantly put everyone at ease and everyone had so much fun during every single moment we had with you.



But it is not just what you do on the day that makes you special. You were supportive all through the planning and the voice of experience when I had a panic.


You were one of our biggest cheerleaders and we really do appreciate everything you have done for us and we will remain your biggest cheerleader forever xxx


Jody & James”


Nikki and Neil




“Hello lovely lady,


Two things first: HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! and also, I am so sorry it’s taken me so long to get this to you! I can’t stop looking at the photos!!


Wow – you are amazing, although I am not sure amazing covers it. Looking through your photos, makes me laugh, smile and cry (more happy tears), you have really captured the emotion of the whole day!! You are incredible (I am sure I said something along those lines as you left on the day – apologies for the very drunk bride you were dealing with)!!


Having caught up over the events of the day with various people, so many people said how great they thought you were. Daisy and Jamiee still can’t quite believe Craig hid in the wardrobe (personally, I didn’t blame him)! Hannah said it was like having her best mate there, you made us feel so comfortable and just fitted in with everyone so well.

I have now been through the photos with Victoria as well, we cried! We laughed! We cringed! She absolutely loves them!


You are a very talented artist, and I can’t thank you enough for giving us some amazing snap shots of our day. You are so easy to be around, you really put our whole wedding party at ease, we are so lucky to have found you! Also thank you for being the best seamstress, veil fixer and getting me out for a sneaky cigarette!


You were an amazing part of our day and our memories will live on through your work.


Would be great when you’ve got some time if we could look at getting an album done!


Thank you so so much.

Love from the Gowards

Xxxxxx ”

Suzanne and Jakob


“Dear Sassy,
Apologies for the delay in writing this letter to you. Now that we are back home we wanted to thank you for all your great efforts in capturing our wedding spectacularly!


Jakob and I stumbled across a few of your photos when we were looking into venues. We visited the Turner Contemporary Gallery in Margate and were amazed when we saw how your pictures had captured the atmosphere, the light, the moment and the happiness of the wedding. We managed to track you down, arranged to meet, then knew from there that you were going to be our photographer.


You are truly talented, you work incredibly hard but you still manage to maintain a great smile on your face, which we hope means you are also enjoying yourself!


The engagement shoot was a great taster for us of getting used to having a photographer, you made us feel very relaxed and indeed on the day it allowed us to just be ourselves.


We decided to go to Italy for our wedding which meant for you and our guests that travelling was necessary. It seemed no effort to you and your assistant Lydia who quickly got to work the morning of the wedding and indeed arrived at the house before most of my family was even stirring!


You planned it so well that really every moment was captured. In itself that was tricky as it included Italian hills between the houses, mini-vans to the venue, many steps, then a boat, lots of freak wind then a fun party. You shot from sunrise, far into the night where you persuaded us into one last shot where you even managed to capture the stars overhead. Beautiful.


Your determination and dedication meant that you really did capture everything, we are lucky to have so many photos from the day and thanks to them those moments will always be alive.


So many of your photos capture more than just a feeling, they capture a whole moment in its surroundings. The drama shots, the personal shots, and for us the catching of the bouquet shot could easily be a painting.


Since your first sneaky peeks went up we have had so many compliments from our friends and family, who are all hard critics, but your photos have been unanimously loved by all.


Thank you so much for everything, you really are talented and we feel so lucky to have had you capture our wedding. We would have no hesitation in recommended you as the only wedding photographer to go to.


We have an exhibition to plan,


Sincerely yours,
Suzanne and Jakob


Andrew and Pip


“When Pip and I were planning our wedding, we knew that we wanted to make sure we had photos that had captured the day. Both of us have an interest in photography and therefore we wanted to make sure we chose someone that was both technically good  with an interesting style but was also able to ‘capture the moment’.


There are so many wedding photographers out there, we spent a long time trying to find one that ticked all our boxes. Pip discovered Sassy through Rock and Roll Bride, her photos definitely stood out from the crowd.


We were totally delighted when we found out Sassy was within our budget and available for our wedding. After looking at the options available we opted for the ‘Get it Covered’ package because we didn’t want any missed moments.  Our second photographer was Philippa James, whose style whilst being different to Sassy’s compliments it beautifully.




Before the big day we had a call with Sassy to discuss our preferences, requests and to get to know one another. Sassy made us feel completely at ease and really understood our vision for the day. she made some suggestions to for the running order for the day, which we (and our venue) hadn’t thought about. This was great, we got rid of dead time in the day and made sure that the photographers would get a chance to get all of the photos that we wanted.


On the day itself both Both Sassy and Philippa were great about everything and were almost excited as we were. We had a great time being photographed, even Pip who hates being in front of the camera.


It was just so lovely to have someone that is really into making the day as much fun as possible while capturing the shots you want. It felt like we had invited them as friends, and were laughing along with us while taking some great shots. They never got in the way but were approachable and happy to take photo request from any of our guests. The group shots didn’t take very long at all to get done and our little venture off to get some posed loved up portraits was great fun. We especially wanted to make the most of the fact that it gets dark early in November. Sassy was very excited about this and came prepped with smoke bombs (the results were great).


The real test is what the photos are like when you get them back. Sassy doesn’t leave you in suspense and does a great thing where she will give you a preview of some of the highlights within no time. When we got these we were really blown away. They were beautiful, technically spot on, and reminded us of the amazing day we had had, whilst letting us see fun moments we missed. I think we spent the day before the honeymoon just getting a bit teary looking over them again and again.


When we got the final set, we could not have been happier or more excited to show them off. I honestly don’t think they could be better than they are. You know when you look at a fancy wedding photographer’s gallery and wish your wedding photos were like that? That’s our wedding photos, and I think that says it all. Sometimes I catch Pip with a grin mooning at her laptop, and I know when I go over she’s going to be looking at our wedding photos. We really couldn’t be happier.


We want to say thank you to Sassy and Philippa for being totally awesome and helping us keep the memory of our best day ever. Thanks guys!


Andrew and Pip.”


Kaylee and Jake


“Hello there lovely,


We got the disc’s yesterday and what can I say?!……. the pics are immense!



I knew they were going to be good from the sneak peek but my god Sass they are out of this world. Even the package they came in and that photos of us are on the disc were just not expected.


I love them nearly as much as I love you!!


Thank you so much for making this possible for us Sass, it may sound cheesy but you made the wedding. I will be forever grateful to you.


The amount of comments I’ve had about them are unreal and have truly kept the wedding alive. You managed to capture everything from the cute to the sexy and romantic!!


I WILL be recommending you to anyone who will bloody listen.


I’m not much use at anything really but if ever you need anything please do not hesitate to ask. Be it helping with a Sassterclass or even if you want a recommendation.


I really am your biggest fan and seriously believe that the wedding would not have been anywhere near as good if it wasn’t 4 you!


Thank you again



Kat and David




We are so over the moon with all of the images you have given us, they are truly amazing… I don’t think either one of us can really stop looking at them and smiling!



You have been simply amazing to us both since we first emailed over a year ago… In the few weeks we were engaged before contacting photographers, I (Kathryn) may have looked at one or two wedding blog posts (!) and soon realised, that every time I loved an image, it was credited to you! David really wanted us to have exciting, different from the average, wedding photography, so we were very excited when you were excited by our plans from the start, supportive of our ideas and budget, but best of all, just friendly and awesome to chat to.


Your photos are incredible, striking and still romantic, sexy and warm. You also made us look badass! Which for Kathryn does not come easily! We could not have had such a fantastic experience, or fantastic images from any other photographer. On the day, you were so calming and a consummate professional, even humouring the odd questions from Kathryn’s dad about having pictures in the broadsheets…  Our time together with just us and you is still one of my favourite bits of the day, so much fun to just get time to hang out while feeling like a superstar! We were so comfortable and happy with you, walking up the middle of the kingsway road waiting for a night bus to pass was an experience… As was explaining to random passers by why we’re just stood in a random doorway posing! 🙂 it was all so worth it for the amazing shots you have given us!




You’ve given us the most amazing, wonderful and treasured memories of our wedding day and we can’t wait to keep sharing them with friends and family! (Thank you cards and Christmas presents sorted! 🙂 )


We will recommend you to anyone we can! If you want us to sing* your praises to anyone in particular -say the word!


*singing thankfully not guaranteed, though I’m sure David will do you a dance!


Thank you so much Sassy -you really do rock!


Kathryn and David xx”

Janey and Pete


“Dear Sass,


Got home last night to your beautiful package of CD’s!! and….. Pete Burr was in the house too – hurrray-what a bonus!!


I shed a little tear opening the package and seeing the beautiful picture you took which we happened to have a frame ready and waiting for. We went through them all together with a cup of tea and they really are incredible.


We literally feel so lucky that we found you (Pete now has to admit that my Love My Dress obsession paid off!) as it really felt like we had just another awesome friend at our wedding.


I know you hear this all the time and i don’t really feel that words can adequately describe how grateful we are to you for providing us with the memories from the funnest, happiest day of our life so far.
Both our families are so over the moon with the pictures, and the film as well, and Mum is planning on covering the house in photos, she has floated the idea of some life size prints (of Dickens obviously) but I think we’ll have to manage her expectations there for everyone’s sanity!


As usual, Pete, having listened to my hour long rapturous verbal vomit, summed up everything I’d said with two words, Sass you are a class act.


Thank you so so much,


All our love and happiness,


Janey and Pete xxxxxxxxx ”


Kat and Jon


“After looking through the photos several times and finally feeling able to put some words together (after being so overwhelmed with emotion!) we just wanted to say a huge thank you for giving us these captured moments that will stay with us forever.


Your photos tell a story of our day so perfectly, and have given us insight to special moments that we didn’t even know had happened. This was so important to us, to snap those times when no-one else was looking and then bring them to life. Thank you so much Sassy!


There are so many favourites to choose from but I definitely think there are some clear winners in Jon’s eyes (the many photos of Bear!).



Everyone has been so impressed by your work and we definitely agree that you bring something unique yet so personal. That is exactly how we felt about you, you are incredibly exciting and fun and it was so lovely to have you with us on our wedding day. We didn’t feel nervous even though we thought we may have, never having experienced being photographed properly before but you made us feel so calm that it was just natural having you around.


Thank you for sharing your talent and creativity with us, the photos are truly beautiful and the package we received in the post was so special. It’s all the little extra touches that really add up. You have got every little detail down to perfection and I am so, so happy I found you to photograph our wedding.


With love,

Kat, Jon and Bear!


Amanda and Martin

“Hi Sassy,


We want to say a massive, humongous thank you for making our wedding day so, so special!  From the first time we met you at a friends’ wedding, we knew that we wanted you as our photographer if we were to get married ourselves.  You were the first person we contacted on our wedding checklist, we absolutely just needed you to be a part of our day.


After chatting with you on the phone about our ideas and style it was so nice to hear you so enthusiastic and excited about our day.  On hearing your thoughts and visions for the photos we couldn’t wait to be “Sassyfied”!


So the big day came, our nerves were high (more mine than Martin’s) and you sensed this straight away and made me feel so much more calm and confident.  We loved the way you blended in with our family and friends making everyone feel relaxed about having their photos taken, you took them in such a naturally, beautiful way and got so many truly stunning photos, especially of our children.  We also loved, loved, LOVED sneaking away with you and Craig for our couple shots, we felt as if we were in a magazine photo shoot!  You saw the potential in our wedding venue and all it had to offer with the beautiful grounds and vintage houses, you even found a dark and rustic attic, all of which provided us with the most stunning, amazing, epic and even sexy photos that we will treasure forever.


We never thought we would have the chance to do anything like this again, always lusting over our photos thinking about the amazing time we had… then we received a very special email inviting us to be a part of your Sassterclass!  We were ecstatic, over the moon and so, so honoured for you to want us to be a part of your awesome course!


Firstly it was fantastic to watch you and the other photographers work and to be a part of it all.  I was very nervous about the talk but again you sensed this and helped me along the way.  The wedding couple photo shoot was so much fun and again we instantly felt relaxed with you and in front of the camera.  Even though there were so many people with their cameras watching, while you had us being saucy around firewood and stables, we jumped straight into it with confidence and ease.


Secondly getting the chance to spend the evening with you, and everyone else on the course, was just amazing!  We had the best night! It felt as if we had spent the evening with an old friend and had been a part of something very special!


You are one epic, awesome, talented and inspirational lady with such love and spirit in what you do and we totally love you for sharing it with us.


Lots of Love,


Amanda and Martin



Sian and Nathan


“Hi lovely lady,


Well, what can we say?! We are blown away with our pictures. We haven’t stopped looking at them and smiling! From the moment we emailed you, back in July 2013 (!) you’ve been truly lovely.


We knew we wanted you to be our wedding photographer before we were even engaged because your photos are stunning and original and we don’t regret it one bit.




You were always as enthusiastic as we were about our wedding and were such a support throughout the planning and even on the day (and afterwards!).


On the day it was like having a friend there taking pictures because you really cared about us, made sure we were comfortable and happy with each part of the day and helped calm us (Sian) down before hand!


Our friends and family (especially Sian’s mum!) are still talking about how awesome the preview pictures are and how awesome you are! (That’s everyone’s Christmas presents sorted!)


We didn’t expect to climb a tree and jump across a stream on our wedding day (it’s a good job we were both wearing converse!) and wouldn’t have done it for anyone else! We had complete faith in you and the photos are too beautiful for words.




You made us look so good!!


It’s funny how much you don’t remember about the actual day as it flies by, so having these pictures of us and our friends and family is such a great reminder of what an amazing day it was and that everyone had such a great time with us.


You’ve given us the most individual and beautiful memories of our wedding day and we can’t thank you enough. Seriously, there are not enough words to say thank you!!!


We’re honestly gutted that we might not see you again, it’s a very odd feeling because our wedding day and memories wouldn’t be the same without you! Can we do it all again please?!


Thank you again and lots of wedding love 🙂
Siân and Nathan


Megan and Fergus


“Hi Sassy,


We just got home from Italy to find the pictures in the mail and couldn’t wait to look at them:)


We’ve just finished going through them and can honestly not thank you enough. The pictures are absolutely amazing. They represented the day perfectly and brought back so many wonderful memories. Even though it’s only been 4 weeks, we were so busy that day that it just seems like a blur. Having these incredible pictures allows us to go through the day and take the time to enjoy it all over again.




I think some people worry that their pictures won’t necessarily portray the day the way they remember it but that is definitely not the case for us. They were so much better than anything we could have dreamed of and we have you to thank for that.


You and Craig were an absolute dream to work with. You made everyone feel so comfortable and listened to exactly what we wanted. We are so happy that you were able to be our wedding photographer and you have given us photos that we will absolutely treasure forever.


We truly cannot thank you enough.


Megan and Fergus xx”


Ang and Kev


“When we started planning our wedding I didn’t know exactly how I wanted it to be, but I knew how I wanted it to feel – relaxed, warm, fun and unusual (a break from the church and three-course-sit-down norm).  And that was definitely what I wanted from my photography too.


After spending endless days trawling through (oh the hardship) I spotted a few photographers who caught my eye, but on closer inspection (seriously, I spent hours!) every one of Sassy’s pictures spoke to me – somehow there were no dodgy shots! I couldn’t get enough of her epic skies, dramatic backdrops and the ability to create wedding photography that I knew would look awesome blown up and canvasified on the living room wall.



From the outset Sassy was awesome, so quick to respond to my random questions, and it was lovely to be able to meet up and go over our plans ahead of time. What I loved about working with her was that I knew I loved her style and trusted her to just ‘go with it’ and create some amazing shots, but she was also really accommodating, allowing me my own creative whims.


On the big day Sassy, second shooter Craig and their pal & videographer Frank Millar (who made us this awesome video made everyone feel super relaxed and everyone loved having them around – they felt more like guests than suppliers. And the memory of Craig & Kev opening up the dancefloor with their Macarena moves is one that will stay with me forever. Plus I love that Sassy ‘encouraged’ us to run up a gigantic hill to get one of her signature ‘big sky’ shots – looking down at the tipi and our guests mingling gave us the chance to take a breath and soak it all in which was one of my fave moments of the day.


When the sneak peeks popped up on Facebook the next morning I couldn’t believe my eyes (I actually don’t think this woman sleeps). It was awesome to be able to look back at them over breakfast with our nearest and dearest.  And when we received the full set after coming back from honeymoon we spent hours poring over the shots, reliving all the best bits of the day and trying to decide which ones to use on the front of our thank you cards and which to blow up and put on our walls. We loved every single one, they’re all so special and really capture the feel of the day much, much more than stuffy, formal shots ever could.


Everyone I know has been raving about the pics, frantically sharing them on Facebook and commenting on how unusual and stunning they are.


I would recommend Sassy in a heartbeat; working with her you honestly couldn’t be in better, more creative hands.”


Nic and Dan


I just want to thank you Sassy for your awesome skills in photography, I was made up when I received the photos they really will be treasured forever, and half of them are already plastered on my walls!


Myself and my husband both hate having photos done so it’s been amazing to be able to receive a collection of the most important day and we both love them so much.


However, I want to thank you for your presence, we were in touch all of the time throughout the planning, and if it wasn’t for you asking questions half of my wedding would have gone unplanned!


Thank you for immediately being like we have known each forever and making it so easy, you were so friendly and absolutely everybody in the family commented on how nice you were, even my mum who detests photos feels as though she got away lightly!


A massive thank you for the most important bit for me, my darling daughter! I warned you she may be difficult as her behaviour is less then co-operative however you remained positive throughout, asked about her interests and bought her and my son a magazine to help squeeze out that extra couple of photos! I’m very pleased with the pictures we managed to get of her!


My wedding was a very low budget (as you know as you helped me put my make up on whilst we were drinking hooch lol) with not overly much planning however your photos make it look so amazing and you really caught every little detail!


Some of my favourite photos are from your crazy idea! Let’s go to the grottiest part of Scunthorpe, the steel works, and somehow make it look amazingly cool! I even forgive you for all the thorn cuts on my legs!


I am quite aware I’ve used the word ‘amazing’ quite a few times, but hey, you are pretty amazing! I wouldn’t use anybody else in the future!


Thank you for making my perfect day last forever xx


Sharelle and Ben


“Hi Sassy,
Hope you are having a great week. I just wanted to catch up with you to say ‘thank you’, the biggest ‘thank you’ you can imagine times by a hundred.


From the first time I saw your photos I instantly fell in love with them, there was something really special about the scale and beauty of them.


We were so happy to find out that you were available on our big day.


After meeting up for coffee we really felt that we were in good hands, grateful that you had walked us through the day and had given us options we hadn’t thought about and which worked really well.


You were great on the day and really put everyone at ease, and Charlie was a wonderful second photographer.


It was really fun having you both around in the morning whilst we were all getting ready, listening to old RnB, mostly R Kelly Bump ‘n’ Grind, my too cheesy, hen do song. But all the girls mentioned how great you both were and that they felt you were there as friends rather than being worried about having their photos taken.


We really liked how you scheduled our photos so that we got some time to be with our guests in between the group shots and the couple shots, it never felt we were missing out on the fun.


I am sorry however that I was too drunk to get over that fence, it would have been a fabulous shot- although I do like the one of me trying, ha ha.


The photos you have taken will give us a lifetime of happy memories and bring back all the emotion of the day. I can’t wait to get our photo album.


Sharelle and Ben Morgan”

Alex and Simon


“Dear Sassy,


Sorry this has taken a while… I think you probably picked up from the time that you spent with us that Simon and I are a bit busy, a bit forgetful and a bit too laid back but we would finally like to say a MASSIVE thank you.


To be honest, it’s hard to know where to start… You are just so fantastic! Sassy, you really did make our ‘wedding’ day a million times more special and we were so lucky to find you and have you there to take care of us!


Your superpowers were limitless… You made us feel confident having our picture taken (which is a rarity for Simon!), wow-ed our guests with your professionalism and amused them to no end with that perfect combination of friendly and bossy, you fell in love with our beautiful venue, got on so well with the caterers and band, genuinely enjoyed our yummy food, and loved our wedding and day as much as we all did!


alex and simon


You and Jo made Simon and I laugh so much and have so much fun during the ‘couples shoot’, you knew our limits, pushed us into some beautiful shots and made us feel comfortable and even more in love with all the cuddles and ‘snogs’ we shared for your camera!


Most importantly you have given us perhaps one of the most amazing things in the World and that is over a thousand beautiful, incredible photos that have captured so many happy memories and people we love all in one place!


Photos were always a priority for us as we knew we’d so rarely get this opportunity of so many family members and friends together at once and you seemed to really understand and make sure we have a collection that reflects that! We are so grateful for each gorgeous photo and are all constantly going back and looking at them, sharing them with guests and friends and family who couldn’t make it and just enjoying seeing our wedding through your eyes!


The package did arrive… eventually! Sorry about the mishap with the address, I didn’t think about you having our old address! When I collected it I was just so overwhelmed once again how brilliant it was – handmade and even the colours suit our wedding, do you actually personalise them or was that just a coincidence?!


All Simon and I, (and our 80 guests) can do is rave about you to others. I can’t recommend you enough to other couples choosing a wedding photographer because you are SO much more than that! It was incredible having Jo there with you and please do thank her and pass on our best wishes to her for the future!


Talk soon and thank you for everything you did for us!




Alex & Simon”


Rachel and David


“Dear Sassy,


Sorry it has taken us so long to write to you. We have been chaotically busy with honeymooning, festivaling & DIY. The main reason it has taken so long though is because we have been struggling for words, & have found it hard to know exactly what to say or how to thank you.


Frankly, you blew it out of the water.


So late 2012, shortly after getting engaged, we attend the eclectic wedding extravaganza.
We saw so many amazing suppliers, many of which we took business cards from for our little ‘wedding suitcase’. However, there was one supplier that stood out for us & couldn’t stop talking about all the way home. That was you.


We were determined to have you photograph our wedding. If you hadn’t been available for our date we probably would have changed it! We were lucky, you were available & we booked you! BEST DECISION EVER.


The second you & Craig arrived we felt relaxed & you both felt more like you were there as guests to enjoy & join in on our wedding day. You spoke to our guests like friends, & they all had nothing but nice things to say about you both. It was great to see that you were loving doing the day too, & we felt like you were genuinely happy for us & happy to be part of our day, so thank you for that. We loved having you there & spending the time with you both.


Then came the photos. We’d seen our sneak peeks before we went away for our honeymoon & were blown away. We were absolutely elated!


They were almost like something from a dream. It didn’t seem real… yet.


When we received the full album of photos on the very beautifully presented discs in the handmade sleeve (lovingly made, thank you!!), then it became very real.


It was a very emotional experience, looking through all the photos from the very beginning of the day till the end, like a story told only through pictures.


I could feel myself feeling the same nerves all over again, getting ready to go down the isle, the very surreal walk up to the church & of course the embarrassment at some parts of my dad’s speech. The fact that you manage to pull up so many emotions through your work makes you a true artist.


We cannot thank you enough for your hard work.


There were SO MANY pictures, meaning our already-art-gallery house now has even more photographs to be put on the walls!


Eternally grateful. Thank you.



The Runcimans.”



“Hi Sassy,

Terry and I want to say a MAHOOOSIVE thank you for your pure amazingness and for giving us the best wedding photos we could never have dreamed of.  My mum still messages me every few days to say she has looked through the photos again and is once again crying (with happiness I should add).

Assassynation alternative wedding photography UK (25)

You captured our wedding perfectly… yes that might sound cheesy, but you really did depict the day in all its joy. In the past I thought of wedding photos as static, awkward, posed shots, whereas your pictures are vibrant, alive and took us right back to our wedding, reliving all of its special moments (and extra ones that we didn’t see at the time!).

When we first decided to get married, we starting off saying that we wasn’t bothered about a photographer…. and then I (Sarah) met you at the Eclectic Wedding Extravaganza (AMAZING event) and you were so easy to talk to, and your photos drew me in. Terry was up for getting a mate to take pics but after we’d met with you that all changed!! You also inspired us to opt for our Humanist ceremony which was one of the best decisions we made 🙂

Thank you so much for getting our sneak peeks ready so quickly so we could see them before jetting off on Honeymoon… We’ve got happy memories of squealing on the Gatwick Express whilst looking at them. We want to print out every single picture… so we’re thinking of having a ‘Sassy feature wall’ in our flat!!

We’d 100% recommend Sassy to anyone who is looking for a wedding photographer – although we had only met her twice before, it felt like having a friend come over (one with extremely professional artistic photos!!)  Sassy got on with everyone and is the first person to make me (Sarah) feel comfortable with having my photo taken, and was a massive hit with Terry’s 15 year old daughter (teens can be very hard to please!).

So thank you Sassy – you have not only created fabulous memories of our wedding day, but you also made our wedding day even more lovely by just being there.

Lots of love,

Sarah and Terry xxx”


Kat and Stu

“When we first found Sassy’s work we knew that our wedding photos were going to be something special and unique and we were certainly not disappointed!! When we met Sassy for our engagement shoot it felt as though we had known her forever, she was so in tune with us and we had sooooo much fun (she is one of the best people ever!!)


For the whole process she was super easy to contact, genuinely interested in our wedding plans and put no pressure on us at all, which when you are planning a wedding is a breath of fresh air!! She also recommended an amazing videographer Frank for us so has loads of great, talented and reliable contacts as well.


On our wedding day it felt like a friend was there with us and our guests loved her too. She was never intrusive, had lots of awesome ideas and some of our best memories are from when we went off for our couples photos.  I will never forget climbing over a 5ft gate in my wedding dress to get breathtakingly beautiful night time shots!!


We got our sneak pics the day after the wedding and Sassy really captured the essence and vibe of our day. The pictures reflected exactly how we remembered it, along with so many gorgeous couples shots, we’re now struggling to work out which ones to frame without filling our house with photos of ourselves!!

Having all the photos on disc so quickly after the wedding was brilliant as it meant that we could show everyone our photos and everyone kept talking about how great our wedding photos are.

We decided to go with a photobook style album which Sassy designed for us, when it arrived it felt like Christmas morning!! It was absolutely gorgeous, great quality and really showcased Sassy’s awesome talent for photography. We can NEVER EVER thank Sassy enough for being a part of our wedding it was the best decision we made for our wedding and anyone booking her will love her and her work as much as we both do!!

Thanks again,

Kat, Stu and Bump :-)”


Heather and Gareth

“I cannot say enough amazing things about Sassy! When planning our superhero styled wedding, we knew that we would need an alternative photographer with the creativity and passion to show off our big day.


Heather and Gareth


The whole day went so perfectly! We gave Sassy free rein to be as adventurous as she liked and we didn’t regret it! She had us clambering over fences, trudging through stinging nettles and have a snog in the trees, but it was all worth it for the most amazing pictures!
Everyone commented on how she blended into the background during the reception and captured the most stunning, intimate moments between all our guests. The posed pictures came out so well; she even managed to get 6 drunk lads looking very dapper in their superhero shirts at the end of the night. (it’s my favourite picture)


On the day we didn’t have to worry about a thing as Sassy made us feel so relaxed. Not normally being the most photogenic couple, she made everything so easy for us and by the end of the day we felt like Hollywood stars enjoying the limelight. I can’t thank Sassy and Craig enough for the hard work they did. They went above and beyond what I expected and captured the fun, playful side of our themed wedding, as well as the softer, intimate side of our newly wedded bliss.


If you’re willing to get your heels dirty and have the best time on your wedding day, I would recommend Sassy every time!


Thank you for everything,
Heather and Gareth”

Jen and Ben


Jen and Ben


“Jen: I can’t remember exactly where we were, but I can remember when- less than two weeks after Ben proposed I casually left out Sassy’s Facebook page on my iPad. Funnily enough Ben took one look and went- oh I thought we’d already decided on Sassy! Little did I know since a friend had suggested I take a look at her page (months before the engagement) that he’d been looking too- and been blown away by how incredible her photography is! Then came the scary part- checking she was available, we’d already set our hearts on her being the photographer and couldn’t really imagine anyone else capturing our day as beautifully.


Ben: thank goodness Sassy was free! Jen was pretty nervous for a while and kept saying what do we do if she isn’t free. The funny thing was- we chose Sassy before the venue, ceremony basically everything- just in case she wasn’t free so we could change the date!


Jen: Then came the long wait until our big day (we basically booked Sassy nearly a whole year before our big day), however every week Sassy was uploading superb photographs on her Facebook page and soon the time flew by.


Ben: I remember the first phone call with Sassy- Jen and I were sat on our lounge floor chatting away for what seems hours to her, as if she was a good friend we hadn’t spoken to in a while, she was fantastic at calming Jen down (as she’d been given a huge formal shot list) and that night Jen was like a child the night before they go off on holiday- she couldn’t sleep because of all the ideas that Sassy had described!


Jen: The day before the wedding, Sassy drove up and met us at the church, it was running late and when I arrived I found a bundle of energy (otherwise known as Sassy) talking to Ben and the churchwarden. She was superb- had plans for everything, chatted through the day and generally made us both at ease.


Both: On the morning of the wedding she went to Ben first and not only took superb shots but helped with some of the more fiddly tasks! Throughout the whole of the day she seamlessly walked amongst the guest taking photographs constantly and so many of the guest remarked on how personable and unobtrusive she was! One of the best things about Sassy was she took us away from all the guests and while we were having our couple shots we actually got time to ourselves, we good chat and kiss (lots of kissing!) before being pulled apart again to chat to all the guests (not that we didn’t like the guests).


When you book Sassy- you book a photographer who feels like a true friend, someone who listens to what you want and gives you time to breathe amongst the fun and craziness!


We cannot recommend her enough and we even banned all photography (including any social media) during the wedding because we knew her photographs would be the best by far- and they are!”

Ange and Glen

“Just to say, I have a hangover like you wouldn’t believe, I’ve had, what feels like 2 hours sleep, and I was late into work this morning….and it’s YOUR fault! Why, I hear you ask?


Well, we didn’t manage to sit down again on Saturday night to look through the photos properly, so we managed to get all our chores sorted last night, and sat down, with a glass or two of alcohol (which we were using up from Christmas!), and slotted the DVD into our TV……..


4 hours later, with a hauntingly beautiful and appropriate soundtrack of Roger Waters from Pink Floyd, MANY alcoholic drinks later, and most of all, tears a plenty from both of us (emotional and extremely happy ones!), we wandered to bed at 2.30am, having had one of the best nights of our lives, reflecting on the best day of our life, and reflecting on how amazing our friends and family are.


Ange and Glen


What an emotional and bloody intensely beautiful experience. We both cried buckets. It was absolutely amazing. And YOU did that. Your incredibly, honest, heartfelt, emotional and beautiful photographs did that.


Thank you so much. We actually sat in bed for another 10 minutes looking at each other – we both wanted to go and do it all over again and look at them all over again, it was so perfect! The only thing that stopped us doing that was Monday morning looming…. Otherwise, I think we would have still been there!


Suffice to say, your photos are incredible woman. We absolutely and utterly adore them. But we adore you just a little bit more. Even if I feel rough this morning…. I don’t know how many words I can write to express our thanks to you, I’m struggling to give it enough justice, but I hope that explains it just a little bit.


Love you so much, thank you.

Anna and Barney

Anna and Barney


“They say hindsight is a wonderful thing and for once I feel so relieved that we made the right choice in a) appointing a photographer for our rush job wedding and b) that we chose Sassy of Assassynation.


It was such a glorious day and to have such an exquisite record of all that happened, what we managed to sneak a peek at and the many many things that we missed, is invaluable. The pictures tell their own story and her unique photographic style is enough to make a recommendation alone, but her reassuring and friendly support in both the planning and the execution of the day was unparalleled. Unobtrusive, yet always in the right spot at the right time and clear on the right balance between ensuring we have enough memories captured but were not dragged away from our guests for too long.


Book her – if there is any chance at all, no scratch that, change your wedding date if you have to to make sure she is part of your team.”


Brooke and Harry

Brooke and Harry


We both want to say a big thank you for the amazing wedding photos. From the moment we first saw your work we loved your style and knew you would be perfect for us. We knew that one of the most important things to take away from our wedding was a permanent reminder of our day. The photos that you sent us were beyond our expectations. You know we were worried about having a wedding that fell after dark but the night time photography was superb. You picked up on objects in the outdoors that you used in the pictures and captured the atmosphere both indoors and outdoors brilliantly. The outdoor night shots were some of our favourites. We also liked that there was a mix of group shots and individual portraits. How you managed to get so many pictures so discretely demonstrates your talent. We will definitely recommend you to friends and family.


Thanks again, Brooke and Harry x”

Marie and Nick

“Firstly I want to start off by saying if you haven’t found your photographer or just not booked Sassy yet… do it, do it noooowww!! You certainly won’t regret it!! 🙂


We found Sassy whilst looking for our wedding venue, she had photographed a wedding there and we fell in love with the venue and the pictures straight away! She had the perfect style we were looking for… fun, crazy, colourful and most of all beautiful. I went straight to her website to check out her other pictures and I was seriously blown away, everyone was different but equally beautiful and filled with love! She captured everyone’s different personality and style amazingly which is sooo what we were looking for, as I’m a crazy tattooed lady and Nod is quite a traditional bloke. We wanted someone to be able to capture both!


I emailed her and soon as I got the reply I knew I would love her, she was so laid back and lovely it felt like I had been speaking to her for years. We then met up and I wasn’t wrong… I loved her and when my husband to be (at the time) knew she was into cars he loved her too. Which led to many conversation about cars where I sat and nodded along like I knew what they were on about… haha! We booked Sassy a few days later, before we booked the venue :))


When it came to the day Sassy was amazing! She helped me and bridesmaids get ready and when we had a little disaster with a pair of gloves she was right there to help me fix them, which meant I still got to wear them!! 🙂 When she was taking our pictures it really was like a friend taking them she made everyone feel at ease, even the guests who don’t like having their pics taken! Sassy had such amazing ideas which meant she went home with wet tights from kneeling in a field, but the pic from it was incredible!


Marie and Nick


THE PICTURES! WOW! They were absolutely beautiful, they had the perfect amount of edginess but with also quite a traditional feel to them. Sassy had captured our day and personality’s perfectly, looking at them made us relive the whole day over and over. Because of Sassy’s amazing talent it really will be a day we will never ever forget, even though it felt like it was over with a blink of an eye! Since receiving the pics all we have heard off people is ‘OMG they are the best wedding pics I have ever seen…..’
‘I KNOW!!! :D’


Sassy had a little holiday in New York and even half way round the world she couldn’t get rid of us, as me and hubby were honeymooning there that week! It was so lovely to meet up with her after the wedding and she even did a little shoot with us, which we were over the moon about! :))


We just want to finish by saying, thank you so much Sassy! You truly are the most talented photographer ever and such a wonderful person. Our wedding wouldn’t have been the same without you! And when we are old and wrinkly sitting in our armchairs me and Nod can look at our wedding pics and remember how f***in awesome our wedding was!! 😀 THANK YOU!


Lots of Love Marie & Nick XXX”

Sara and Dave

Sara and Dave


“What can I say about Sassy? Well all I can say is ‘Amazing’! I noticed the Assassynation stand at the EWE back in March 2013 and absolutely loved how she had captured her couples/weddings, they were totally unique. Back home I researched a little more and could not find anyone else who I felt could capture us not only as a couple but also a family. The website images were exactly what I was after.


I just knew she would be able to capture the images and the atmosphere of our special day. When I spoke to sassy on the phone I felt she totally got me as a person and what we wanted to reflect in our photos. It was lovely because she was open to any ideas we had and I didn’t feel pressured to do anything I felt uncomfortable with.


On the day sassy was like a busy bee! She just let us be ourselves which was really important to us. She was clicking away and our youngest son, Sirus, was her shadow. When it came to family/group shots she was totally professional but at the same time lovely. We knew she wanted the best photos for us. Sassy was so much fun and easy to get along with, we were sad to see her go.


The end results were, as our kids say, ‘AWESOME’! No one could have done a better job. They reflect our day perfectly. We have lost count of the amount of times we have looked at them. They are the perfect visual record to our special day and I cannot thank you enough for being part of our day!
Love, Sara and Dave xxx”

Charlotte and John

“Where do I start when thanking you for the phenomenal job you did for John and I? I’ll admit that I’ve been putting this thank you off as I didn’t know where to begin.


You really were a superstar throughout, not only the wedding day, but the planning process too. You were even there after the big day, when the wedding blues kicked in! I’m not sure even John could cope with my dramatics but you were happy to offer advice.


To say you went over and above is a bit of an understatement – You totally understood the significance of every aspect of our wedding and you were determined to capture it all for us (seriously thank you so much for this – you know what I’m talking about). The little things you did meant so much to me and will add to the memories I have for years to come.


Charlotte and John


So enough gushing and onto the business of photos – that’s what we’re supposed to be talking about right?! Seriously THE BEST PHOTOS EVER! Looking through the pictures now – almost 6 months after the wedding (oops) – it is incredible how I am instantly taken back to that sunny day in July.


It’s not every day you come across someone who is able to create such vivid memories. John and I count ourselves lucky to have found that in you. We’ve had such a fantastic response to your pictures – everyone was so impressed with them.


Christmas was very easy for us this year as absolutely everyone has asked for copies of your beautiful portraits as gifts. We haven’t hesitated to recommend you – I think I may be bordering on “photographer pushing” if there is such a thing!!


So what I’m trying to say is THANK YOU Sass, thank you for helping to create a legacy of memories we’ll treasure for years to come.


Lots of love,
Lottie and John xxx”

Jo and Ian

Jo and Ian


“When researching ideas for the wedding we had inadvertently collected mostly images of weddings by Sassy, she quickly became our dream photographer but thought we would either never be able to afford such talent or that she would not be available for our date, we were wrong on both accounts. We were so excited when she came back to us with her availability.


As both of us were pretty nervous about being in front of the camera all day we decided to book a pre wedding shoot with Sassy too, and we were so glad we did, although Sassy would make anyone feel at ease the first time she shoots you anyway! I really enjoyed all my correspondence with Sassy and soon thought of her as a friend, we were both really excited to meet her on our pre wedding shoot and had a lovely, but freezing, day with her. We really love the pictures from that day and treasure them just as much as the wedding day pictures. We would definitely recommend having a pre wedding shoot as it made us feel a little bit more comfortable snogging in front of the camera and meant we were much more relaxed for the wedding day.


On the day of the wedding Sassy arrived at the house and fitted right in with the morning chaos, like an extra member of the household! She captured every aspect of our wedding day with such flair and a wonderfully creative eye but you wouldn’t notice that she was there. She was like a camera wielding ninja. This meant that she captured the festivities so naturally and has left us with wonderful candid images of all our loved ones. We booked Sassy for a little bit longer on the day so that she could cover both the wedding party getting ready and the dance floor kicking off, and we are so glad that we did this as it really tells the story of our day and the dance floor pictures are some of our favourites.


Sassy was super quick getting some previews up for us to see which was so lovely as we could see them the same weekend and start to relive the day and see parts of the day that each of us were not involved in. We always knew that our wedding day photos would be precious, as everyone’s are to the married couple but we didn’t really comprehend how each one would be like a work of art in their own right. We still have to make the difficult decision of which to get prints of and frame as there are so many gorgeous shots to choose from.


Sassy is one talented lady, who has such a gift with a camera, she can spot the perfect place to stand or capture the tiniest little moments and make them appear unique. She also did a mighty fine job of commanding a rather large and rowdy family into the group shots all of whom sang her praises too. We can’t recommend Sassy highly enough for anyone wishing to choose a great photographer for their big day.


We can’t thank Sassy enough for giving us the perfect photographs to remember our wedding day by. We count ourselves very lucky to have had Sassy as our photographer.


Love Ian and Jo xxx”

Ash and Pat

“Hello Lovely Lady, I don’t think anything can convey just how thankful we are to have had you not only as our photographer but also as a guest on our big (but small) day. But those descriptions don’t even begin to describe just how amazing you are! In the lead up to the big day you helped me to feel completely immersed in the excitement of it all by indulging me by e-mail and letting me waffle on about the finer details, getting equally as excited as me about them! You put us at ease immediately by just being so lovely and this comes across massively in the pictures. You injured yourself just to get the perfect shot and followed me round shops whilst I was indecisive about coats! You kept us calm on the day, even when I got locked out of the apartment with an hour to go and I’d not even started putting on my make up! You even became an honorary wedding planner when our second witness was unable to attend, managing to find us someone lovely to stand in, I don’t know any other photographers that would do that!


Ash and Pat


Not only that but wow are you talented!! You have captured so many wonderful moments of joy from the day, it makes me emotional to see such happiness forever captured in such beautiful images, so much laughter and smiles. The way you’ve captured bits of our personalities in a single moment is just magical, like the picture of Sian & Pat dancing in the salon and the wonderful picture of Pat laughing while I’m crying during the ceremony! They are such magical reminders of silly little things that probably mean nothing to anyone else but mean the world to us! Not to mention your amazing ability to make quick decisions on composition that just look stunning in the final piece, I don’t know how you do it! You made us look like movie stars!


I was always insistent that the one thing I would not scrimp on was a photographer. I wanted someone amazing to document a day that I knew would be very emotional and personal to us, someone that would take the time to understand that and reflect it in the images. And then I came across your work and we instantly knew that you would be the one for us… and boy were we right!


I’m not sure we can ever thank you enough for being so amazing but THANK YOU!!
Ash (& Pat) x x x x”

Grace and Ed

“I first discovered sass on the wedding blogs (which turned out to be a life saver for us in the end). Ed and I didn’t really have a brief of what we wanted in our photographer, only that we wanted some fun shots that would be timeless and quirky! While some of our friends were looking at potential photographers based on qualifications, length of time within the business etc. we were busy basing our decision purely on how amazing the photos were, which Sass’ are!!!


Grace and Ed


Sass’ photos are just AMAZING, from the first blog post we saw of hers, we were hooked, what followed with my behaviour in particular put me into a stalker category!! I was on the blogs every day, looking at weddings, dress designers and style but mostly to see Sass’s photos.


From my fist email with Sass I knew she was the perfect person for us. So approachable, easy going, excited and full of knowledge, and when Sass said she was available the day of our wedding Ed and I were over the moon. I finally met Sass in person at the EWE event earlier in the year and knew straight away that Sass would get everything we wanted and the Ed and I would not need to think or worry about a thing.


When our day finally came round Sass was FANTASTIC!! There was so much We hadn’t thought about from general wedding bits (we didn’t know that we needed to be interviewed in the town hall first, or thought that we would need a minute on our own after the ceremony) to additional photos we hadn’t thought about (making use of the empty rooms in the venue while everyone was eating to night shots).


My advice to anyone planning their wedding is to invest in a photographer who can give you what you want and build a great relationship with them, this is what we got from Sass. And because of this we will forever be in debt to Sass for what she captured for us on our wedding day. What Sass produced for us is far better than anything we had imaged and more! We can’t wait to get them all up on the “wedding wall” in the New Year!


Sass we can’t thank you enough for your help, support, results and friendship!


Grace and Ed/Gred

Beckie and Nick

Beckie and Nick

“I don’t write reviews. Ever. I always have good intentions of penning a glowing write-up for a lovely restaurant I’ve been to, or some fabulous customer service that I’ve received from a company. Alas, it never quite happens. However, I have to make a BIG exception here and invest time and effort into telling people just how AMAZING Sassy is. She completely exceeded our expectations in every way (and I knew how good her photography was!).


I found Sassy on the pages of Rock n Roll Bride and instantly loved her style. I sent her an email and instead of dashing off a quick two line response that detailed prices, she replied with thoughtfulness and genuine enthusiasm at the prospect of shooting our wedding. Suffice to say, she was booked the minute I read that email.


I first met Sassy (and her lovely assistant Holly) on the morning of the wedding. Unbeknown to me, they’d already been down to the River Cottage bright and early that morning to investigate the venue and suss out the best locations for photos. She immediately put me at ease and taking some pre-ceremony shots took my mind off things to such an extent that my nerves disappeared at a time when they should have been jangling.


During the day, Sassy was amazing. Snapping away – but never intrusive. It was actually a pleasure to have those moments when we’d all dash off for some couple shots. It felt like we were relaxing with a friend. Sassy’s also the consummate professional, checking the light (and my God, it changed throughout the day), constantly assessing her surroundings, and bringing out the best in people. Oh, and if you give Sassy a free rein then she’ll come up trumps. If she wants you to lie down in the field – do it! If she asks you to clamber up onto a tractor – don’t hesitate!


Whether it’s herding piglets into the right pose, discovering bluebell woods, borrowing beach huts, running after tractors, or capturing the sunset at just the right moment, Sassy does it perfectly with style and creativity.


All I can say is that the photos are truly stunning! The whole family gathered around the laptop the next day waiting for the nod to say that the sneaky peeks were going up. Quite frankly we were all speechless and I was in tears. So many friends have said that it’s the best wedding photography they’ve ever seen and I already know of one person who will be booking Sassy (once she gets engaged!).


It’s great to look at the photos now (barely a month after), remember the day and smile at all the compliments received from friends when the sneaky peeks are published. What’s really important for me to remember is that’ll we’ll be looking at these for years to come and sharing them with family members, some of whom have yet to be born. That’s why I’m so happy that we chose Sassy for the day. The photos are beautiful, original and much more than the usual ‘standing outside the church’, ‘grouped together on the green’ poses.


So what can I say in summary? Her work ethic is incredible and she goes above and beyond – making you feel like you’re her only client. She’s an amazing talent and we’re so, so grateful that we found her. I don’t know what else to add, apart from: she’s AWESOME! BOOK HER!”

Amy and Danny

Amy and Danny


“Dear Sassy,
What can we say! Myself and Danny organised our wedding in 8 months (who am I kidding; Danny played a lot of Football Manager and pretended all this wedding stuff wasn’t happening!) At times it was overwhelming, where shall we do it, who to invite, what did we actually want and juggling budgets. Throughout the process we met a lot of wonderful suppliers and some not so wonderful (you know the ones, the people that tell you want you should have and not what you want!) My mum always tells me to go with my gut instinct as it is almost always right, and booking Assassynation for our wedding photography proved that that instinct was well and truly the right decision. In fact I think it was the best decision we made out of all of the billion decisions associated with planning a wedding.


I saw Sassy’s photos on Rock n Roll bride and I was in Lurrve, the colours, the fun and the fabulous stories she tells through her photographs told me that she was the ‘one’. I prepared my pitch to Danny and thankfully he saw something special in Sassy’s photography too. Yes it was a little more than he wanted to spend but ‘she loves cats and she has a Nissan Skyline’ I said – it sealed the deal.


Thankfully Sassy was free on our date and all the correspondence leading up to wedding once again proved that we had booked someone very special, I felt as though I was talking with a friend yet at the same time Sassy was very professional which I found extremely reassuring .
On the day Sassy was amazing, she was very kind and friendly to us and all of our guests. I knew I could trust her just to get on and rock it and she certainly did. She saw lots of opportunities that I never would have seen and it was a joy to be photographed by her. When it was raining outside after the ceremony she expertly arranged all the family shots we wanted in the venue and even though it was dark these photos came out absolutely perfect and are quite magical, they are some of my favourites.


The photographs we got back from Sassy are sensational and we couldn’t be happier. All of our family and friends were raving about them and Sassy. I have spent hours going through them re-living the day. I know that we will treasure them forever. I knew that finding the right photographer was important but I didn’t realise how much until after the day. She has made us all look amazing and really captured the happiness and fun in the day. So I urge you to go with your gut instinct and book Assassynation, you won’t look back. We certainly haven’t and feel so thankful that we found her


Thank you again,
Amy, Danny + Captain!

Wendy and Alex

“When our photographer friend was unavailable to shoot our wedding (getting married the day before us, SO inconsiderate!) there really was only one choice for me from the outset; I have followed Sassy’s work on Facebook after a picture of hers popped up in my newsfeed once, and I was blown away by her style. Having contacted her previously about work, long before I got engaged, I have really enjoyed seeing the eclectic take she had on wedding shoots, and how at ease, and comfortable her subjects always looked. And so cool!!! Our paths nearly crossed on several times for work, but it never quite came off, and so when she agreed to shoot our wedding I was over the moon!


Wendy and Alex


From meeting her in Paddington Station for a coffee, I knew the minute she bundled up the stairs all tattoos and a cat print bag, that we would get on! She never seemed ‘underwhelmed’ or unenthused, even though she must have dealt with hundreds of over excited brides! She loved our venue nearly as much as we did, and if I wasn’t already certain (which I was) I certainly knew after chatting through ideas that she was The One for us!


On the day, Sassy was simultaneously never intrusive, yet always there when we needed her, took action when needed to herd people into group photos, shouted directions when needed and was more than anything, fun and made our guests feel comfortable.


As our amazing photos show, Sassy has an real eye for catching ‘the moments’ you want to remember, as well as staging set up shots. My family are all nearly 6 foot and my husband is 5’9″ so standing us on steps was a shot of genius!!


My husband isn’t the most comfortable in front of a camera, but Sassy put him at ease with directions of how to stand and where to put his hands (this is why men have pockets!!) and the couple shots are incredible! She actually made us look cool! And for a skinny awkward ginger and a Jewish biochemist, that’s no mean feat!


We are over the moon with our pics and would absolutely recommend Sassy to any couple who want something a little different form the usual ‘standing in a line’ type shots. I can’t stop smiling when looking at how beautiful our day looked, and how glad I am that Sassy caught our day so perfectly.”

Ray and Sarah

“Sassy where do we begin to thank you for the gorgeous images you created for us when we renewed our Wedding Vows on the rooftops in Paris!?


Ray and Sarah


We have always regretted not investing enough in our wedding photographs 10 years ago, so when Ray surprised me with the trip I was even more excited that he had booked you!


Having met you at Photography Farm, Ray had said you were such a lovely warm person and I could sense that as soon as you arrived to shoot me preparing for our first look. You made us both feel so comfortable during the shoot in Paris, even when there were literally hundreds of tourists staring at us!


Aside from the amazing photos, we feel like a couple of good friends came to witness that evening with us. It was great sharing that time with you and Zoe, we had so much fun with you both.


We were so happy when you posted our Sneak Peeks, you captured us in Paris perfectly!


The images have made the anniversary trip even more magical. I’m kind of glad our wedding photos were not what we wanted because these Vow Renewal photos are so special to us now!


Anybody thinking of booking Sassy for their wedding, I would urge them to do it. You couldn’t possibly be in better company or in more talented hands.


Thanks again, you have given us something to treasure forever.


It wouldn’t have been the same without you.


Lots of Love,
Sarah & Ray

Anna and Timmy

Anna and Timmy


“Dear Sassy,
What can we say that will ever be enough to thank you for the amazingly wonderful job you carried out in capturing our Brighton wedding for all eternity?


My number one priority, after marrying the man of my dreams of course, was to ensure that there was a record of the day that reflected the atmosphere, the mood, the guests and the style that we had spent many happy hours with our glue sticks and papier mache perfecting. Having seen your work featured on blogs such as Rock n Roll Bride, we knew that your style would work brilliantly with what we wanted to achieve. My groom took a little initial persuasion as we were on a budget, I showed him the article from Rock n Roll Brides blog on “why you should hire a professional photographer” (hmm, that bride looks familiar!) and he was sold on the idea.


We loved your passion and enthusiasm and how you worked with us – sometimes we wondered who was more excited about the day, you or us! We know you work with many couples and I am absolutely sure that they will feel just as special as we did throughout the whole day. I loved that you took time to Skype us and discuss the wedding plans beforehand (with us living a distance from you) and that you had an equally fantastic second shooter in Matt Willis on the day. You were both so lovely and easy going that it felt like we had known you both for ages – I normally hate myself in photos but have not stopped looking at the resulting photographs and slideshow since. You were so prompt with getting the sneak peeks up and have just captured the spirit of the day that it actually looks even better than it was!


We have some moments in our hearts to treasure for ever from the day and photographs that will be a testament to you and a fitting reminder of a day which brought two families together. Not to mention an assorted crew of moustachioed reprobates and vintage style beauties with accompanying dinosaurs.


Thanks from us both – our friends were so pleased with the couples shots that you took also and the way that the day was captured – you certainly know how to bring out the best in everyone and it really shows in the photos where everyone is smiling throughout – You are amazing and we would do it all again in a flash – we are already thinking about renewing our vows and can’t wait to see you again – is next year too early to renew the vows?


Anna and Timmy Grainger