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Julia & James

This is the beautiful and classically British wedding of Julia and James. I started out the morning at Julia’s mum and dad’s beautiful house where I could see lots of creativity and I just knew that would flow through to the wedding. Julia’s mum designed the stationary, Order of service, table plan and place cards for the big day and it was truly beautiful. I love the little personal touches and bits that are crafted with love by loved ones and you could see the effort Julia’s mum made with these.

The ceremony and celebrations took place at the ever beautiful Pembroke Lodge in Richmond Park. I love this venue. Not only is it gorgeous but the staff are always amazing!! Everything was absolutely perfect.

The ceremony was really beautiful and very heartfelt….there may even have been a little tear in my eye!! I think James was very excited to have married his girl!

One thing I will remember forever is the huge outpouring of love at this wedding….oh and the speeches…they were hilarious!!!

As I often like to do we left the majority of the couple shots until later in the day so that Julia and James could relax and enjoy some time with their lovely guests and it was lovely to head off together for those shots after the meal….although the walk back up to the lodge nearly killed this little photographer….time to join a gym I think!!



Nat & Al


On Saturday I had the honour of photographing Nat and Al’s big day. I don’t know how they did it but somehow they managed to have sunshine on Halloween…..it was a truly beautiful day which just added to the smiles.


This day has been strongly anticipated by all their loved ones and they travelled from all over the world to be there to share it with them. Sadly Al’s grandmother couldn’t make it due to an accident the day before (she’s okay) but she was in everybody’s hearts and minds all day and as the person responsible for documenting the day I hope that she will enjoy these pictures.

Nat and Al got ready seperately in the stunning Zetter Town House (I nearly died of gorgeous overload!!) and then headed to the Asylum (one of my most favourite venues ever) for an emotional ceremony.


The evening celebrations took place at St Barts Brewery, I’ve never been there before but I really loved it, it’s a great spot for evening celebrations.

When I left the dancefloor was really jumping…..I am sure everyone partied hard until the small hours!!


I have to say I really felt like part of the family during this wedding, I had so many lovely chats with both sides of the family and I would like to say a huge thanks to them for making me feel so welcome. It was an absolute honour to be part of Nat and Al’s amazing day and I hope they have an amazing honeymoon.



Jennie & James



Yesterday was the beautiful and classicly British wedding of Jennie and James. They were married at the beautiful All Saints Church in Great Barford before moving on to the amazing Moggerhanger Park for their reception.

I first spoke to Jennie a year ago and although I had never met her I had a pretty good idea of what she would be like. Excited, bubbly and just so full of energy…..I wasn’t wrong. From the minute I arrived at prep she laughed and grinned through the whole day. And what a day it was!
Jennie and James had thought of everything, from the amazing saxophinist, to the games between courses to the epic DJ’s (seriously they knew how to get the party started).

I can imagine that the guests partied right through to the end….when I left the dance floor was jumping!!
Thank you so much Jennie and James for a wonderful day. I do also have to give extra special thanks to Jennie’s parents Howard and Wendy for making me feel so welcomed from the very first minute I arrived. Finally thanks to the wonderful staff at Moggerhanger Park, I really hope I get to visit you again!



Sian & Simon


Meet Sian and Simon, they are a really lovely couple who are getting married this September (I can’t wait!!).


Yesterday I headed to London for their pre-wedding shoot and I have to say I fell in love with them a little more during the hours we spent adventuring. They clearly adore each other and they just seem so intune….like they can read each others minds.


Also……they totally nailed this whole being photographer thing…..which given how nervous they were I would say is a huge success!!!!


Roll on September!!!