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Bex & Keith



Who on earth gets married on a Monday I hear you ask!! Awesome people like Bex and Keith….that’s who! If I had to sum up today in one word it would be ‘Riot’. I don’t mean there was an angry mob chucking missiles, I mean it was tons of fun and there was a whole riot of colour. I make no apologies for how bright and vibrant these images are…BOOM….colour in your face!! This was a DIY wedding with a difference!!

These guys opted for a low key non-wedding type wedding. No speeches, no first dance…..just lots of love and laughter. Oh and let’s not forget their beautiful kids….they really stole the show. Chase’s breakdancing during the signing of the register had me in stitches!

This wedding truly had it all….including hand painted favours for each guest. Keith’s paintings blew my mind….and somehow he managed to create 100 perfect pictures. That’s dedication.

Thank you so much Bex and Keith for asking me to share you day with you. I had so much fun and I think I’ve made new friends for life….I mean….how many other people actually own a copy of the original Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy radio show!!

Lucy & Andy


I have been speaking to Lucy and Andy for what feels like ever! You see originally they were due to get married a while ago but then found out that they were expecting little Matilda so their plans had to change. But on Friday they did it!!! Not only that but Matilda was guest of honour…..what a cutie!!


Their wedding was low-key, relaxed and fun. They were married at the Parsonage in Didsbury (I have to give a big high 5 to the registrars….they were lovely and made the ceremony extra special!). They then walked to the sports ground which was a complete surprise to me as from the outside you can’t see how amazing it is inside!!


On the way we visit the Botanical Gardens which were gorgeous in the Autumn sunshine…..in fact the whole walk was really lovely and not at all what I would expect Manchester to be like!!


I loved the outfits the ladies wore, Lucy wore an amazing 2 piece outfit while the bridesmaids wore gorgeous dress from Mexico…..they certainly nailed the alternative wedding wear and looked fierce doing it!!


My favourite part of the day was when Lucy’s mum whooped as Lucy and Andy were declared husband and wife (more whooping guests please!!) and then immediately clapped a hand over her mouth…..she was just so happy it escaped out of her!!


It was a wonderful day and I loved finally seeing this pair get hitched and meeting little Matilda.


Sarah & Thibault



Please excuse the huge amount of images for this weeks wedding sneak peeks……you see the thing is I just couldn’t narrow them down.


Right from the very first moment when Sarah and Thibault emailed me to see if I was available on their big day and if I would travel to Normandy I knew I had to be there. I knew they were my kinda people and I knew it would be a very special day. I wasn’t wrong.


I loved everything, from the laid back prep to the first look and sneaking off to the beach before the ceremony (yes people…..they braved the crashing waves BEFORE the ceremony).





The outdoor ceremony was emotional and beautiful in equal parts and although it was in French I understood enough to know that it was an outpouring of love.


After the ceremony there were lots of games for the guests to play, lots of amazing cakes and a Pokemon hunt for the kids and the big kids!


Sarah and Thib bought their beautiful cats Penny and Rufus all the way from Paris to be part of it…..which of course I lost my mind over….being a mad old cat lady and everything!





We laughed, we explored, we had fun…..it was amazing.





Thank you so much Sarah and Thib for having me as part of your amazing day….it will live with me forever!




Becky & Si



There was something very special about Becky and Si’s wedding yesterday……a real family feel. We were welcomed with open arms and everyone was just unbelieveably lovely to us all day!


At first I couldn’t put my finger on what felt different, but as I chatted to Becky’s mum I soon realised…..they were already one big family (not in a keep it in the family kinda way), you see, Becky and Si’s mums met at the school gates when they were small and have been firm friends ever since.


Becky and Si’s brother were best friends but it wasn’t until V-Fest that Becky and Si actually fell for each other. So you see, yesterday was just the confirmation of everything they already had, two families coming together as one. It was amazing.


Two things that need special mention, Becky’s amazing dress by my lovely friend Jo and her team at The Couture Company Designer wedding gowns and of course the zebra…..every wedding now needs a zebra!!




I really would like to take a moment to say a huge thanks Becky and Si and their wonderful family and friends for making us feel so welcome and like part of their friends.