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Alice & Mark

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Yesterday was the beautiful Alice and her gorgeous South African fella, Mark’s big day. I always look forward to a wedding where South African’s are involved….they know how to celebrate and this group were no different!

The ceremony took place at the ever stunning Asylum before moving on to Brunswick House for the celebrations….both are truly amazing venues but my favourite place of all was actually Alice’s mum’s house….it was an artistic haven in the city…I could have photographed there all day!

The weather was doing it’s usual crazy thing, from sunny and warm through snow to rain and back again….oddness!! But it did pull itself together for the important outside moments….thank fully!

After the delicious meal Alice and Mark surprised the guests with Mr.B The Gentleman Rhymer who was INCREDIBLE…..now I want to have a party just so I can get him to come and perform some chap hop!

The key thing for Alice and Mark was that their friends and family had a lovely day….and these guys totally nailed the throwing a wedding thing!!

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Thank you so much Alice and Mark for a great time and of course to your family and friends for making me and Sam feel so welcome

Nat & Al


On Saturday I had the honour of photographing Nat and Al’s big day. I don’t know how they did it but somehow they managed to have sunshine on Halloween…..it was a truly beautiful day which just added to the smiles.


This day has been strongly anticipated by all their loved ones and they travelled from all over the world to be there to share it with them. Sadly Al’s grandmother couldn’t make it due to an accident the day before (she’s okay) but she was in everybody’s hearts and minds all day and as the person responsible for documenting the day I hope that she will enjoy these pictures.

Nat and Al got ready seperately in the stunning Zetter Town House (I nearly died of gorgeous overload!!) and then headed to the Asylum (one of my most favourite venues ever) for an emotional ceremony.


The evening celebrations took place at St Barts Brewery, I’ve never been there before but I really loved it, it’s a great spot for evening celebrations.

When I left the dancefloor was really jumping…..I am sure everyone partied hard until the small hours!!


I have to say I really felt like part of the family during this wedding, I had so many lovely chats with both sides of the family and I would like to say a huge thanks to them for making me feel so welcome. It was an absolute honour to be part of Nat and Al’s amazing day and I hope they have an amazing honeymoon.



Sarah & Thibault



Please excuse the huge amount of images for this weeks wedding sneak peeks……you see the thing is I just couldn’t narrow them down.


Right from the very first moment when Sarah and Thibault emailed me to see if I was available on their big day and if I would travel to Normandy I knew I had to be there. I knew they were my kinda people and I knew it would be a very special day. I wasn’t wrong.


I loved everything, from the laid back prep to the first look and sneaking off to the beach before the ceremony (yes people…..they braved the crashing waves BEFORE the ceremony).





The outdoor ceremony was emotional and beautiful in equal parts and although it was in French I understood enough to know that it was an outpouring of love.


After the ceremony there were lots of games for the guests to play, lots of amazing cakes and a Pokemon hunt for the kids and the big kids!


Sarah and Thib bought their beautiful cats Penny and Rufus all the way from Paris to be part of it…..which of course I lost my mind over….being a mad old cat lady and everything!





We laughed, we explored, we had fun…..it was amazing.





Thank you so much Sarah and Thib for having me as part of your amazing day….it will live with me forever!




Emma & Si



Yesterday was the amazing space themed wedding of Emma and Si. Given that these are both accomplished creative types I had no doubts that it would be epic and I was not disappointed. Emma and Si like to tread their own path and that was truly evident in everything about their wedding. Their day started with some legal hitching and then they headed off to Hookhouse Farm for the rest of the day to get started.


They had a picnic in the barn which was decorated in the most amazing way…..honestly I have no words (look at the pics)….awesome!


The guests had a bag of lego parts each and the whole table had to work together to build the lego models….this was a nod to the teamwork involved in a great marriage.


After the picnic and more guests arriving their official marrying got underway. Conducted by Si’s sister it was both funny and very touching. In short these guys nailed it!!


Thanks so much to everyone for making us feel like part of the group. Especially big thanks to Emma and Si for asking me to share their amazing day with them.




Jenny & Jason


Saturday it was Jenny and Jason’s turn to get married and looking back on it there is only one word I can use to describe the day. Joyful. Literally full of joy. Everyone there totally love these guys and the day was a pure celebration of that.

They opted for a woodland wedding in the Cotswolds and I think they totally pulled off the magical woodland feel. They have some truly amazing talented, creative friends who helped them. From a flower team, two amazing hair dressers, incredible musicians (lots of them as Jason is also a musician) and a fire dancing bridesmaid. This wedding couldn’t have been more of a celebration of love.



The standout thing for me really was the music, every part of the day had an incredible soundtrack and the guests even joined in to a Bob Marley sing along after the ceremony.


Oh and I got to see the lovely Janey and Pete whose wedding I had the honour to be part of last year (there were MANY hugs).

An amazing day for two amazing people, thank you to everyone that helped make it what it was!