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Sadie & Aaron


I have no words….this wedding was incredible!  Sadie and Aaron literally tied the knot yesterday at Tretower Castle in Brecon, Wales and it was beautiful. They had my lovely friend Ellie of Alternative Ceremonies Uk conducting their handfasting which was totally unique to them.

They even included their gorgeous son Izaiah which made everyone cry!

Aaron told me his kick ass grooms outfit was inspired was inspired by Jonathan Davis from the band Korn’s attire…..I think he nailed it!!

After the ceremony the guests got to partake in some archery, horseshoe throwing and croquet…..all that we were missing was jousting….but I am not sure I would trust those groomsmen jousting 😉 We even managed to do our own take on the Last Supper.

Sadie and Aaron booked the low key The Muse, Brecon for their party as they wanted a blank canvas space where they could really let their hair down. Sadly I missed the dancing but I can imagine it went down big time!! It was a truly amazing day, full of love (the speeches killed me!!) and I was honoured to be a part of it.


Fran and Lewis Got Married ~ A Preview 08.03.15



Yesterday was Fran and Lewis’s Halloween wedding……”wait…..hang on…….isn’t it March?” I hear you cry! Well yes you are quite right it is March, originally these guys were due to get married on Halloween but a surprise mini person in the oven made them postpone.


So we finally arrived at their little big day and Nancy, their new addition, really added something special to the celebrations. They were also joined by their Sphynx cats, Patti and Elijah who I have totally fallen in love with. Oh and let’s all do a big GTFI for cats at a wedding…..awesome!!


They had a very relaxed day with just 26 guests, starting with a legal ceremony in the castle and followed by a handfasting in the ancient ruins….it was truly amazing! After a spot of lunch most of the guests went home but a few friends headed to Fran and Lewis’s home for drinks, pizza, and snuggling on the sofa watching horror films……perfect.


When we got back to theirs Lewis introduced me to his beloved chickens and we had fun trying to get some pictures in the dark! Bonus points for anyone who can name the horror film they were watching!!!



Caroline and Johnny’s Blessday ~ A Preview 31.01.15


On Saturday 31st January I shot the amazing Blessday of Caroline and Johnny. I knew, because I know these guys, that it would be amazing…..and I was NOT dissapointed!!!


Everything from their outfits to the venue decoration to the amazing Langfalvi Revue was exceptional and eclectic…..exactly as they are.


had a little moment when I nearly exploded with pride watching these two have their blessing while another couple of mine Anna and Timmy had a cuddle. They met at the first Sassterclass and are now good friends which makes me so, so happy and proud to have been a part of it.


After the blessing in the church they headed to the Latest Bar for an evening of amazing entertainment from some of the most incredible artists I have ever seen. I think one of the total head turners of the day was the epic moominsclangersrainbowunicorngiger cake from Conjurer’s Kitchen…….UNREAL!!!!


Caroline and Johnny, I love you two so much and I was honoured to be a part of your birthday/blessing celebrations!!



Gemma and Matt Got Married ~ A Preview 31.10.14



Gemma and Matt got married on Halloween at the Asylum in Peckham (one of my favourite venues!).


Neither of them wanted a traditional wedding, so they opted for a very personal humanist ceremony followed by a feast and a masked ball to tie in how they first met (at a masked ball).


They kept the decorations simple, classic and beautiful and had a lighting company create some dramatic lighting effects to really add the finishing touches. The ceremony was totally inclusive by adding in two sing along’s with friends to help lead and keep on time.


After the ceremony they mingled on the steps and enjoyed a drink and fresh oysters opened in front of the guests by a specialist.


In the evening the venue really came to live with the masked ball them and their amazing band theThe Congo Faith Healers…..I know I can speak for everyone involved when I say it was a truly amazing day!


I can imagine everyone party hard till way in to the small hours! Thank you so much to everyone for being so welcoming and to my lovely friend Jamie Waters Photography for 2nd shooting for me.


Jody and James Got Married ~ A Preview 27.09.14



Roll up, roll up and feast your eyes on Jody and James’s Victorian steampunk wedding. I am not sure what to say other than wow, what a day!!


Sometimes when people have a themed wedding they don’t quite hit the mark as the guests don’t get involved….yesterday was NOT like that at all. Yesterday everyone got involved and totally made it!! Some guests even fashioned themselves weapons for added effect…….the result…..epic!!


The whole thing took place at The Ironbridge Gorge Museums. Starting in the museum of iron and then heading over to Blists Hill Victorian village….complete with fairground.


I have to say a huge thank you to Jody and James’s family and friends for making us feel so welcome and of course for totally getting in to the spirit of it.


Also big thanks to my 2nd shooter Jamie Waters Photographyfor all his help. Finally a huge thanks and congratulations to Jody and James for pulling off such an amazing day and asking little old me to share it with them.