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Lindsay & Andy

Well what can I say about Lindsay and Andy’s amazing big day? Firstly, after 14 years together, it’s about bloomin’ time! Secondly it was so much fun. I think it’s fair to say that Lindsay and Andy don’t take themselves too seriously, and I loved that. lindsayandyassassynation-100057 We laughed so much on the day and that is what it should be all about. Laughing, having fun, enjoying every minute. Unlike a lot of weddings it actually felt like for a few hours we slowed down time and were really able to absorb everything. lindsayandyassassynation-100026 As Ferris once said “Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it. “ and these guys somehow found time to stop and enjoy. They had a movie theme for their day and included absolute classics, including Lindsay’s favourite So I Married an Axe Murderer. Love it!! Oh and the blue theme…..well the story goes that Lindsay found some amazing Irregular Choice shoes that she just had to wear and everything came from that….well when you find THE shoes….girl you’ve just gotta roll with it. Anyway enough rambling….please take a moment to look through all the sneak peeks….I guarantee they’ll make you smile! lindsayandyassassynation-100011 Thank you so much Lindsay and Andy and all of your lovely friends and family who made me feel really wanted and welcomed me with open arms. The only way that I can finish off is just to leave you with some wise words…………… “Be Excellent To Each Other” lindsayandyassassynation-100051      

Khui & Nan

KhuiNanAssassynation-10056 Khui and Nan's wedding was amazing! I started the morning with a spot of bridal prep in Nan's parents lovely home. There were a few people there but I was so warmly welcomed and I felt at home very quickly. Nan's mum stole my heart, she's only little in stature but man is she big in personality. She even walked me around her beautiful garden. Khui and Nan opted to marry at the stunning Belair House in Dulwich (yes I did have the theme tune to the The Fresh Prince of Bel Air in my head all day). I've never visited this venue before and it won me over. The venue is gorgeous and the staff are so friendly. After the 'I do's!' Nan changed in to her traditional Chinese robes and they held a tea ceremony. This was my first time shooting one and I absolutely loved it. We then all headed over to Docklands for a Chinese feast. At this point all the rest of the guests joined so there were over 200 people for Khui and Nan to speak to. I don't know how they did it but they managed to make it around everybody. During the meal Khui and Nan went around every table and had a toast. So many happy faces and love. AMAZING. Thank you so much Khui and Nan for allowing me to share your day and for being so fantastic whenever I wanted to steal you for couple shots. Thank you to your family and friends who made myself and Rowan feel so welcome and to the lovely guests on our table who we really enjoyed chatting to during the meal. More Chinese weddings please.....all smiles, hugs and delicious food!

Charlie & Chris – The Party

CharlieChristopherPart2Assassynation-10045   So you've already seen the sneak peeks of Charlie and Christopher's gorgeous intimate wedding in Bakewell well here is the second part of their wedding. The party!! Colourful, vibrant, fun.....a real celebration. People travelled from far and wide to celebrate with these guys....it truly was wonderful.
All the details were lovingly crafted by the wedding team that Charlie had put together and I have to congratulate them....it looked amazing. What I really loved was that after spending time with the families on Tuesday I felt like part of the family when Friday rolled around. Although I'm sure Christopher's mum was glad when me and my pesky camera headed home 😉 For the first time I've was called an emotional terrorist....I think I love that and might use it from now on....thanks Charlie If these photo's don't make you smile then I don't know what will.....

Charlie & Chris

CharlieChristopherAssassynation-10057   Alternative Peak District Wedding Photography - A couple of weeks ago I had the huge honour of documenting Charlie and Christopher's very low key and intimate wedding. They were married in Bakewell, in the Peak District surrounded by their immediate families. It was emotional. It's fair to say that Christopher is not an emotional guy normally (he will tell you that himself) but seeing how beautiful Charlie looked on the morning of the wedding completely undid him....and everyone! It was a VERY emotional day, tears and smiles all day long.
After the ceremony I stole the happy couple off for some quick shots together before heading to the very quaint Lavender Tea Rooms for high tea. We had a lot of fun exploring the side streets of Bakewell. I think I could have stolen them for the whole day had I been allowed. I want to say a big thank you to both sides of the family for coping admirably with me snapping away....it's hard to hide when there are only 14 other people there! Don't forget to check out part 2!!

Rach & Matt

RachMattAssassynation-10016   28th May was a day I have been looking forward to for quite some time. You see.....since Rach and Matt first booked me I have become close friends with Rach. We've had super long chats on the phone and it turns out we have a lot in common (I spy a friend for life here!!). I could not wait to see these guys get hitched.....and I got to see it twice. You'll love this alternative wedding in Birmingham....they made it truly personal to them. They had a short registry office ceremony first to make it all legal. Original they didn't think guests would want to come to that part but actually as the planning continued it turned out they did....which shows how loved these guys are.
After that Rach headed back to the hotel for an outfit change and we all headed over to the Birmingham Museum where Matt was greeting guests. Rach and Matt had a sneaky first look and then came in together (after having to sneak past the guests to get upstairs). I don't know how to sum this wedding up....other than to say it was an emotional rollercoaster. Soooo many tears from everybody.....and so much love. Thank you everyone for letting this little camera toting ginger kid hang out with you all day and for making me feel so welcome. Matt, Rach......love you guys!! Have an amazing honeymoon