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Jess & Guy ~ A Romantic Winter Wedding in Oxford

Jess and Guy had an amazing, romantic Winter wedding in Oxford….my home city!!

It’s not often I work so locally so it was really lovely to head over to the dreaming spires for their gorgeous, romantic Winter wedding.

Not many people opt for a Winter wedding but I have to say it suited the feel of their day perfectly and we couldn’t have hoped for better weather.

I for one love a Winter wedding….mostly because I too had a Winter wedding. There is something special about that Winter light that I just adore.

Jess had a gorgeous bespoke dress from The Couture Company Designer wedding gowns (isn’t it a dream!!!) and accessorised with my some butterflies in her hair from my lovely Sister in Law over at Liliia by Vikki Lafford Garside and a shawl and gloves she knitted herself!!

Guy opted for a beautifully fitted tuxedo. I always say not every man can pull off a tux but Guy certainly did!!

These two lovebirds met in Oxford and despite living many miles away now chose to come back to the city to celebrate the friendship and love that began there. They were married at Oxford Town Hall (isn’t it stunning!) and then headed over to the quirky art space The Jam Factory for their celebration.

We of course headed off for couple shots which included grabbing an ice cream as a nod to Guy’s beloved grand mother who sadly couldn’t make the journey over from the States. Then they danced in the street to a busker with a sense of humour (think bridal march followed by the death march!!).

After a delicious meal they hit the dance floor with aplomb…..choosing to Lindyhop to their amazing band The Black Sheikhs (seriously….check them out!!!). It was a day full of tears of joy and just an utter outpouring of love that it made me feel extra lucky that in a week where the news has been dominated by a show of anything but love I get to be part of something so special!!

Emma & Paul


Emma and Paul had an amazing Victorian Kraken themed wedding at the National Brewery Centre. The centre had specific significance to Emma and Paul because Paul’s dad was a drayman his whole life and I could see what it meant for Paul to be able to include his dad in this way.

I have to say that although I was only there for 5 hours in that time I totally fell in love with Emma and Paul. They are such a loving, caring couple. Paul is the strong silent type while Emma is not quite as silent 😉 in fact Emma is just the most endearing person you could meet. She has a heart of gold and spent the whole day laughing.

You know when your couple are pure diamonds when you hear the speech’s and you could tell how much love people have for these guys from those speech’s and the fact that Emma longest standing friend Natasha travelled all the way from the Philippines to celebrate with them.

During the ceremony Emma’s choir sang beautifully, I love the fact that this is a choir that helps people that might be having a tough time. I can tell that Emma really believes in the choir so I thought I’d also help share her love. You can find them on Facebook by searching for the Wellbeing Community Choir, Birmingham and Solihull

Oh and of course I can’t not mention Emma’s stunning dress….lovingly crafted by my good friend Jo over at The Couture Company Designer wedding gowns…..amazing huh!!

Emma and Paul, thank you for allowing me to be part of your day….any couple who bust in to Rock Lobster for their first dance are my kinda couple!!


Fran and Lewis Got Married ~ A Preview 08.03.15



Yesterday was Fran and Lewis’s Halloween wedding……”wait…..hang on…….isn’t it March?” I hear you cry! Well yes you are quite right it is March, originally these guys were due to get married on Halloween but a surprise mini person in the oven made them postpone.


So we finally arrived at their little big day and Nancy, their new addition, really added something special to the celebrations. They were also joined by their Sphynx cats, Patti and Elijah who I have totally fallen in love with. Oh and let’s all do a big GTFI for cats at a wedding…..awesome!!


They had a very relaxed day with just 26 guests, starting with a legal ceremony in the castle and followed by a handfasting in the ancient ruins….it was truly amazing! After a spot of lunch most of the guests went home but a few friends headed to Fran and Lewis’s home for drinks, pizza, and snuggling on the sofa watching horror films……perfect.


When we got back to theirs Lewis introduced me to his beloved chickens and we had fun trying to get some pictures in the dark! Bonus points for anyone who can name the horror film they were watching!!!