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Julia & James

This is the beautiful and classically British wedding of Julia and James. I started out the morning at Julia's mum and dad's beautiful house where I could see lots of creativity and I just knew that would flow through to the wedding. Julia's mum designed the stationary, Order of service, table plan and place cards for the big day and it was truly beautiful. I love the little personal touches and bits that are crafted with love by loved ones and you could see the effort Julia's mum made with these. juliajamesassassynation-100025 The ceremony and celebrations took place at the ever beautiful Pembroke Lodge in Richmond Park. I love this venue. Not only is it gorgeous but the staff are always amazing!! Everything was absolutely perfect. The ceremony was really beautiful and very heartfelt....there may even have been a little tear in my eye!! I think James was very excited to have married his girl! juliajamesassassynation-100016 One thing I will remember forever is the huge outpouring of love at this wedding....oh and the speeches...they were hilarious!!! juliajamesassassynation-100029 As I often like to do we left the majority of the couple shots until later in the day so that Julia and James could relax and enjoy some time with their lovely guests and it was lovely to head off together for those shots after the meal....although the walk back up to the lodge nearly killed this little photographer....time to join a gym I think!! juliajamesassassynation-100025      

Jennie & James

JennieJamesAssassynation-10065   Yesterday was the beautiful and classicly British wedding of Jennie and James. They were married at the beautiful All Saints Church in Great Barford before moving on to the amazing Moggerhanger Park for their reception. JennieJamesAssassynation-10047 I first spoke to Jennie a year ago and although I had never met her I had a pretty good idea of what she would be like. Excited, bubbly and just so full of energy.....I wasn't wrong. From the minute I arrived at prep she laughed and grinned through the whole day. And what a day it was! Jennie and James had thought of everything, from the amazing saxophinist, to the games between courses to the epic DJ's (seriously they knew how to get the party started). I can imagine that the guests partied right through to the end....when I left the dance floor was jumping!! Thank you so much Jennie and James for a wonderful day. I do also have to give extra special thanks to Jennie's parents Howard and Wendy for making me feel so welcomed from the very first minute I arrived. Finally thanks to the wonderful staff at Moggerhanger Park, I really hope I get to visit you again! SIGNATURE  

Claire & Andrew

ClaireAndrewAssassynation-10046   On Saturday I travelled alllllllllll the way up to Headlam Hall in Darlington for a wedding that I have been looking forward to for 2 years!   It had been a long wait but I was not disappointed. It was a really wonderful day.....but man alive was it emotional!! ClaireAndrewAssassynation-10019 I think the only person not to cry was Andrew! He's a tough nut to crack but he's not fooling me...I can see that he has a heart of gold and worships Claire and their two children.  
Speaking of the kids, there were quite a few at this wedding but what struck me was how well behaved they all were and loved having their pics taken which of course was great for me! ClaireAndrewAssassynation-10050
Thank you so much to Claire and Andrew for asking me to share their day and particularly Andrew for being so brilliant with me stealing him off for photo's as he hates having his photo taken (I feel your pain!....hopefully it was worth it :)) ClaireAndrewAssassynation-10054
Ooooh and thanks to the baby hedgehog who totally stole the show!! ClaireAndrewAssassynation-10041

Katie & Rob

KatieRobAssassynation-10042   On Wednesday Katie and Rob got married at Pembroke Lodge in Richmond Park. It was the first time I had ever visited the park but I was blown away.....it's so beautiful!! KatieRobAssassynation-10014 We started the day in Katie's family home which I utterly fell in love with, so vintage and so gorgeous! I literally could have taken photo's there all day!! KatieRobAssassynation-10009 Katie then had an original black cab (as a nod to Robs dad who is a cabbie) to take us over to the lodge. I always love travelling with the bride as it means I can document the journey.....it can make for great shots! Despite concerns about the weather it held and everybody got to enjoy drinks on the terrace after the very emotional ceremony, which was finished off by everybody having a sing song.....perfect! KatieRobAssassynation-10046 Katie and Rob opted for a book theme which they carried off perfectly by giving every guest a book as a favour. I didn't ask but now I know these guys I am sure that they thought long and hard about each and every book for each guest and picked ones that suited them. It really was an amazing day and I have to say a huge thank you to the staff at Pembroke Lodge who made us feel really welcome and looked after us so well, the attitude of the staff says a lot about the place and these guys were wonderful!! Finally, thank you Katie and Rob for allowing me to be part of your day, it was emotional and beautiful, and full of smiles.....and that's what it should all be about! SIGNATURE    

Lucy & Gordon

LucyGordonAssassynation-10053   Yesterday was the gorgeous, quintessentially British wedding of Lucy and Gordon. These two love birds have been together since university and despite Gordon's dad describing the pace from first date to marriage as glacial I think it just made for more excited guests!! What I love about Lucy and Gordon is that right from the minute we met them they welcomed us and made us feel like part of their friendship group. I can't tell you what that means to me. I think it says a lot about them as people that they can open their hearts to two complete strangers (me and my 2nd shooter) and make us feel so at home. They are warm and generous and best of all utterly in love with each other. The smiles did not stop all day!! SIGNATURE   Alternative Wedding Photography for Kick-Ass Couples