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Rach & Matt



28th May was a day I have been looking forward to for quite some time. You see…..since Rach and Matt first booked me I have become close friends with Rach. We’ve had super long chats on the phone and it turns out we have a lot in common (I spy a friend for life here!!). I could not wait to see these guys get hitched…..and I got to see it twice. You’ll love this alternative wedding in Birmingham….they made it truly personal to them.

They had a short registry office ceremony first to make it all legal. Original they didn’t think guests would want to come to that part but actually as the planning continued it turned out they did….which shows how loved these guys are.

After that Rach headed back to the hotel for an outfit change and we all headed over to the Birmingham Museum where Matt was greeting guests. Rach and Matt had a sneaky first look and then came in together (after having to sneak past the guests to get upstairs).

I don’t know how to sum this wedding up….other than to say it was an emotional rollercoaster. Soooo many tears from everybody…..and so much love.

Thank you everyone for letting this little camera toting ginger kid hang out with you all day and for making me feel so welcome. Matt, Rach……love you guys!! Have an amazing honeymoon

Sinead & Steve



On Saturday I photographed these gorgeous beings…..I say photographed…..I think I spent more time laughing than snapping!

We hit the cool, industrial streets of Digbeth (near the Custard Factory) in Birmingham and despite the rain we had a LOT of fun….can you tell?

I love the energy these guys have, so much fun and laughter and I can’t wait till their big day now!!





Becky & Si



There was something very special about Becky and Si’s wedding yesterday……a real family feel. We were welcomed with open arms and everyone was just unbelieveably lovely to us all day!


At first I couldn’t put my finger on what felt different, but as I chatted to Becky’s mum I soon realised…..they were already one big family (not in a keep it in the family kinda way), you see, Becky and Si’s mums met at the school gates when they were small and have been firm friends ever since.


Becky and Si’s brother were best friends but it wasn’t until V-Fest that Becky and Si actually fell for each other. So you see, yesterday was just the confirmation of everything they already had, two families coming together as one. It was amazing.


Two things that need special mention, Becky’s amazing dress by my lovely friend Jo and her team at The Couture Company Designer wedding gowns and of course the zebra…..every wedding now needs a zebra!!




I really would like to take a moment to say a huge thanks Becky and Si and their wonderful family and friends for making us feel so welcome and like part of their friends.




Jo, Darren and Millie ~ A Family Shoot 12.10.14



Yesterday my very good fried Jo from The Couture Company Designer wedding gowns asked me if I could do a very quick family shoot with her, her husband and their little girl.


Knowing these guys pretty well I wanted to capture the craziness/sassiness of Millie but also the fun of Darren and Jo (seriously guys if I could choose some parents I’d vote for these guys….best fun ever!).


So basically we headed to Digbeth and larked around like idiots for a bit!


Here’s the sneak peeks!!



Faye and Joe Got Married ~ A Preview 05.09.14



Yesterday was the classically British wedding of Faye and Joe at Shustoke Barn.


Unusually I started my day with a little groom prep before heading over to see Jo…..I loved the family and friends hustle bustle at both preps….everything had a real buzz to it.


A couple of moments I’ll never forget are seeing Faye for the first time in her dress, it was cleverly crafted by my wonderful friend Jo from The Couture Company Designer wedding gowns and fit her like a glove.


The other moment was watching Joe at the top of the aisle waiting nervously for his gorgeous bride….beautiful. Congratulations Faye and Joe, I hope you have many, many happy years together.