Claire & Andrew



On Saturday I travelled alllllllllll the way up to Headlam Hall in Darlington for a wedding that I have been looking forward to for 2 years!


It had been a long wait but I was not disappointed. It was a really wonderful day…..but man alive was it emotional!!


I think the only person not to cry was Andrew! He’s a tough nut to crack but he’s not fooling me…I can see that he has a heart of gold and worships Claire and their two children.


Speaking of the kids, there were quite a few at this wedding but what struck me was how well behaved they all were and loved having their pics taken which of course was great for me!



Thank you so much to Claire and Andrew for asking me to share their day and particularly Andrew for being so brilliant with me stealing him off for photo’s as he hates having his photo taken (I feel your pain!….hopefully it was worth it :))



Ooooh and thanks to the baby hedgehog who totally stole the show!!






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