About Me


I live with my lovely hubby Ian in the deepest, darkest Cotswolds with our cat and our dog.


Our dog is a big old idiot Dobermann puppy called Otis who doesn’t know his own strength and our lovely cuddly boycat Caspar.


When I’m not busy working I’m taking Otis up and down the country to dog shows.  


My Instagram seems to be filled with these three…..oh and my little red haired crazy niece Grace! Otis also has his own insta (of course!) so you can see him if you like….check out @doberotis for his adventures.


Grace 2

I have LOTS of tattoos, they all mean something to me and I have stories for each and every one of them.


I love travelling and I have been lucky enough to shoot weddings/renewals in Hong Kong, Miami, Monte Carlo, Paris, Ibiza, Norway and South Africa. Sometimes Ian even gets to come with me, as we don’t get a lot of time together we treasure these experiences.


Despite appearances I am a sentimental old fool. I keep every card anyone ever sends me and have done since I was in my early teens.


I have a shelf of happiness in my office stacked full of cards, gifts and place setting tags from all of my amazing customers. This shelf constantly reminds me of what this is all about, happy customers!


When I married my hubby in 2008 I wasn’t a photographer and had no idea about photography. I made a bad decision about my photography as I just didn’t understand how difficult a job it actually is. You can read all about it here.


I think this experience has definitely moulded the photographer I have become. I’m happy to say that in December 2013 we renewed our wedding vows in our most favourite place on the planet…..this time we made sure we nailed the photos and video!!


You can have a little peek here…..it’ll probably tell you more about me than all of my waffling!!




I am an energetic, enthusiastic bundle of wedding excitement, I genuinely LOVE shooting weddings, so much so that I travel all over the world and have shot over 300 weddings in 7 years. I have been named as one of Rangefinders Rising Stars of Wedding Photography 2013….a prestigious award that has previously given to some of the world’s most inspiring, up and coming wedding photographers.


In me you don’t just get a photographer pressing a button all day…..oh no!!!


You get…..

A wedding planning friend who loves hearing all about the details in the run up to the big day!!


A wealth of wedding supplier knowledge


Plenty of great advice on the tricky situations that can crop up while you’re trying to work out the details


Someone who is as excited about your big day as you are


An artist (yes it sounds pretentious but it’s true)


A diplomat (for those times when Auntie Joan is demanding a million group shots you don’t want)


I love getting to share in my customer’s big days, it’s always such a huge honour. So I know it’s easy to say all this but why not head over to my testimonials and see what my past customers have to say.